Starting CD RIGHT NOW!!!

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
OK, just been to the CDC & have my plastic bag full of packets & tetras... going to start right now with a chicken & veg soup!!!

Wish me luck please....

Just wondering if anyone else is starting around now & would like to be diet buddies??
I am 285lb (can't believe I just typed that...gulp!) & my personal target is 175lb... so have 110lb to loose... can't imagine ever getting there but I do believe I will...

I'm 5'8.5 so am on 4 packets a day... she was quite insistant about that, hope it wasn't just to sell more... very cynical I know!!

Anyway, best of luck to everyone & keep it up, your successes have been nothing short of mega-inspirational for me...

Anna (Cork, Ireland)
good luck anna, you won't know yourself in a few weeks!!! remember the first few days are the worst and then you will feel brill so just stick with them and you will be flying!!

the chicken and mushroom soup is yummy!!! i put black pepper, chilli flakes and halapeno flakes in mini and it makes it all the more yummy!!

keep in touch girl

Gen xx
Hi Anna

Good luck with starting today, the first couple of days can be a bit rocky but once you get over them its plain sailing.

Let us know how you get on!

Snail. x
Good luck anna, CD really is the best diet ever. As everyone says the first few days are always the toughest, but once you get into ketosis you'll be flying and boy will you be thrilled when you have your first week's weigh in :D
Hi again Anne as I have just posted to you on a diffrent threat.
As has already been said the first few days are the hardest,drink lots,hot water with flavers in makes me feel fuller give it a try.
Once you have you first weigh in and see the weight loss it Helps to keep you on track.
Good luck babe.
Love Libbie x
Thanks for the encouragment everyone... actually feel really hungry only 2 hours after my first packet & 1 litre of water!!!:eek:

All I can think about is food...:(

Oh well, I just need to get through today, & tomorrow will take care of itself!!
Stay with it Anna. You CAN do it!
Drink more water and perhaps split the packs in 2,more meals.aslo i add more water then stated bigger drinks more filling or that is what my tummy thinks anyway and it helps me.
Have a good day
Love Libbie x
Good luck, just keep drinking water whenever your hungry or have a cup of peppermint tea with a sweetner in.
I'm on Day 10 and have found the last 2 days all I have thought about is food, but each time I get on the scales I see a bit more coming off and that is inspiring me to keep going. One day at a time!
bluemoon xx
Hi Anna, I'm on CD too.

Havn't really decided how much i want to lose yet just going stone by stone, otherwise i will lose the plot.

I'm on week 3 and was doing really well until i went to the pub on saturday night. I don't miss the food as much as the alcohol.

I must stay out of the pub.

Anyway good luck with your 1st week and as averyone says drink drink drink. (water that is)

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Is your CDC Carol?

She is a real darling. My mum loves her. Terribly nice.

You are in great hands

Good Luck!

Me from Cork originally, am in Dublin now...if you wanna bud, you may certainly can contact me.

Hi Anna,

Welcome to MiniMins and it is lovely to have you here with us.

Your CDC did right giving you four packs as you are over 5' 8" and you need this for your daily nutritional needs.

I know you feel your weight is a lot but I was looking at it and your weight loss is very achievable...when your taller you tend you lose quicker , so I would not be surprised if you have four to five stone off by Christmas.

We have a Christmas Challenge going and this might help give you some motivation it is a little bit of fun and gives us a focus.

There is also lose a stone for September running over on the WeMITTS forum...I am on that as well.

Hope today is going well for you.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Anna Im on Cd 2 time round?

Hi Anna
ill be your budy if you like im restarting Cd as I did it last year and I lost 2 1/2 stone moved house still had PND and sadly put all the weight back on!
Well ive tried a few times over the last 8 months to get back on CD ss and I cant But this time Im staging it Im doing stage 2 then 1 then SSing as they say it helps get the rubbish out of our bodies so we dont feel so ill when we do SS straight off..........
Well I hope your doing well.:)
Hi all...

There seems to be a few of us starting or restarting Cd around now so maybe we can set up our own 'September Club'?

Have to say I'm feeling really bad at the moment... blinding headache, sick to my stomache (nauseous), hot & cold, irritable & dizzy spells...trying to stay positive but all I want it a slice of toast...

Help please!!
I'm setting up a September Club post so we can all keep each other company there..