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Starting Lipotrim on Wednesday!!


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Hiya Thinnerlu! :wavey::welcome:
  • Drink at least 3 litres of water a day, and space it out.
  • Make sure you have ALL your shakes, this is VITAL!
  • Scrub your tongue when you clean your teeth, this helps with the dragon breath.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of coffee and a sweetener to the vanilla and have it hot (like having a latte)
  • Do the same with the chocolate (don't add the coffee though)
  • The soup is nice made hot and with added black pepper and dried chili flakes
  • To make the shakes hot, DON'T use your shaker (it'll explode!)
  • buy a cheap hand (stick) blender to make the hot ones.
  • Drink lots of teas (only leaf ones, no fruit or flower) Peppermint with a sweetener is nice
  • Get on here when you're wobbling or need support
  • Don't exercise for the 1st 2 weeks
  • Be kind to yourself as you wait for the ketosis fairy, cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV, keep warm.
Hope this helps! Good luck Hun xxxx


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Just think of this diet as the start of your new life!!! The first 3 days can be tough going but just keep posting if you have any questions or just in need of support... once you get into ketosis it will be a lot easier trust me!!! & remember drink plenty of water,black tea,black coffee. When you have your first WI you will get all the motivation you need!!! good luck!!! Caz xx
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You gotta be tough on yourself for the first week , its not for softies but after that it's just a cruise compared, so battle out every hour then every day thru the first week or so and then the weight starts dripping off.

Good luck lu
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im really looking forward to starting on lipotrim, i havnt been to chemist yet i have watched the video on internet so hopefully i can just go in and get weighed and get going, i cnt decide if i should wait till monday (Next ) as its my bday on sunday and have got a few things on this weekend or should i just go ahead and jump in tomorrow? thanks for your help xLisax


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I think I'd wait till Monday if it was me, then your head will be focussed.
Try to stick to protein based foods and avoid carbs if possible, it helps to get into ketosis without so many side effects if you havn't got lots of carbs on board.


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Glad you are joining us ThinnerLu - welcome aboard and Good Luck. :D
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Thanks cathy, thats what my sis n hub said i go away on boxing day, so i really want to get sum of this fat shifted and be able to eat "Normally" when im away, i hope to loose a stone before my hols just hope i can do it!


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Pleasure Hun, you'll do great and have a fab holiday.
I re-fed for a holiday in September and ate and drank (without going MAD) and still lost weight!!
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WOW Really ! Thats Great so how many weeks would you say i needed to be on plan for say i start next monday when would i need to go on re feed so i can be eating at xmas! Thanks you have done so well!
Wow... thanks everyone for the support.. I have been in training the last few days.. i have really reduced my diet so that I wont shock my body tomorro, when the food stops!!! I know I am so determined and it is the start ofd a new life and a new me.. both mentally and physically!! I will be on everyday for support and thank you so much for the support you have already given me... its so so lovely... Lu xxx
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Good Luck ThinnerLu, I started today and im finding it fine so far although im sooooooooooo cold (altho thats the weather not the diet) Ive drank 2 litres of water so far, but im v.tired nd have the worst headache, think its just im missing my chocolate muffin i usually have everyday at this time. A couple of paracetamal and im back on track!

Just drink all your water, remember at this point, food=devil. so dont give in2 temptation because the guilt wont be worth it! Stay positive because weve all been depressed enough being over-weight & were making a positive change so wohooooooooo to us!

Good Luck huni x

I'm on day 3 of Lipotrim. I can't believe how much easier it is than I expected. It's still tough, but if you're focused, it's very do-able.
I will have to come off it as we're going to New York in just under three weeks, but with 2 weeks on TFR and one of Refeed, I hope I can shift a stone. If I behave over Christmas then I'll go back on it in the New Year.
I just feel very positive, I feel I've found a way of shifting the weight that works for me!!
Best of luck, it's very true what everyone says, the first few days are tough, but it gets easier.

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