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Starting Liptrim tomorrow!

Hi everyone, I would just like to say hello, and let you know me and my boyfriend are starting Lipotrim tomorrow. I'm really excited about it and also a little scared, but my boyfriend has done it before and has been filling me in.

I don't know my weight yet as I’m going to the chemist this afternoon, and will hopefully set up a counter then, but I think I’m about 17 stone and at 6foot 2 inches I think I need to loose about 3 stone. My boyfriend doesn’t really have much to loose, just some weight he has gain from last January, I’m not sure if the chemist will ever allow him to go back on it!

I've had enough of not being comfortable in my skin and this New Year is going to be different. I've made so many promises to myself over the years but have always been too lazy. I used to say, "I’m going to be skinny for this summer" and then "I’m gonna be skinny for this Christmas" but the dates have came and went.

I did loose 2 stone about 5 years ago when I joined Unislim, but it took nearly 2 years to do, and then I went to university in Manchester and the weight soon piled on again.

But this time I’m ready, I’ve got a great partner who is so supportive, and we are going to do it together.

Fingers crossed!

I hope to keep everyone updated over the next few weeks; I think it is going to be very therapeutic writing to this forum!

So I’ve waffled on for long enough, just wanted say hello really, and thanks everyone who has blogged as it has really encouraged me to get started.

Mark x :)
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Hi Mark, you are lucky there are two of you doing the diet. Its fab your boyfriend is supportive and you are doing the diet together.

Good luck and welcome to the best, supportive forum around.

Keep us updated on your progress. xx
Aww thanks Shazpaz, yeah he's really supportive, and I think as much as its going to be hard, we'll have a few laughs. Just worried about work now, don't really wanna announce it to the world but it'll be hard to hid. Sure i'll be grand when I start loosing, i'll not care who knows.

Mark x
Good Luck Mark......i am exactly the same with the thin for summer, thin for xmas thing!...you can do it....i did it last year and did really well but then went on holiday twice in the space of 8 weeks so blew it.....i am ready now and started again this morning.....once the first 2 days are over, its a breeze.....good luck!
Amanda x
Thanks Amanda! I hope so, i haven't had anything to eat today, and the hungry is killing me, only 3 minute to lunchtime! I can only imagine what its going to be like tomorrow! Ach sure its all for a greater good! I'm got a beautiful All Saints shirt which I can't button up at all, thats my modivation at the mo!! God i'm a shallow! lol

Mark x


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Welcome Mark! I have new clothes ready and waiting too, it will all be worth it and just think, the results will come fast if you stick to it. Remember water is the real key to shedding the pounds fast and avoiding those keto headaches, drink plenty but not too much at once or you will trigger dehydration as the body cannot cope with large amounts at once. So sip sip sip your water bottle throughout the day, build up to it and aim for around three to four litres by bedtime.

You have to post a piccie in your new All Saints top when you're at target.

Cheering you on
lol......not at all, i got my little girl to take a photo of me in the trousers last night (that used to fit me but now go no where near), that I want to get back into......it will help me, whenever i am feeling the urge to eat i will just look at the photo and by God will it stop me!:rotflmao:
Welcome to the forum Mark and good luck, I'm third week in so a newbie myself, your'll find great support on here.

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