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Starting LL tomorrow

Hi there :) Well after yo yo dieting for years and after having my baby who is 8 months old, ive made the decsion to start LL. Im very nervous as i dont really get out much and i get very bored and i bordom eat but i think i can get over that with the thoughts of me being nice and slim in time for the summer :) whats worrying me is i have a christening to go to on the 15th March and i think its going to be so hard to resist the alcohol and spread, what does every one else do in this kind of situation? any advice is really appreciated! Thanks
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Once you are in full swing you will find it easy to resist so dont worry, it may not seem that way now but you will see what i mean in time.

When the weight starts to fall you feel good about it and then your will power goes up

All the best on your new regime and welcome to the boards its lovely to have you here
Thanks for your reply, i see what you mean , i know i will be more happier seeing my weight coming down and thats more important to me than a few drinks and sarnies hehe.

Thanks for the warm welcome to the boards, i have a feeling i may be using these often for the next few months :)
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Hey! So glad that you found us here, it's such an invaluable source of support..

With social situations the trick is to plan ahead and find ways round it. After all it's only for a short time you have to do this!

Good luck with starting.
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What is it with us ladies and our eight month old babies?!! LOL!

Welcome to the boards - I hope you find this place as invaluable as I have over the past 16 weeks!

H is completely correct when he says that it become easy to resist - I've had nights out, Xmas day, my birthday, etc, etc, where I've been out and not eaten anything. Once the weight starts falling off you at a great rate, you'll not want to spoil that for anything and it will be easy to stick to your water and bar!!

By then you'll probably be a stone lighter anyway - imagine that!! ;-)

Good luck with it!
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I agree with the others, once you start you get into the groove quite quickly and you can tackle anything - honest :D

Like PS says, you'll have most likely lost a stone by the time of the christening and won't want to jeopardise the progress you'll have made :D
:) thanks so much for all your help, im really excited now, i know its gonna be hard at first and im pretty much prepared for that and i feel much better about going to this christening too :) thanks again
Welcome, and good luck with the start of your journey!
The amount we learn about ourselves and change during the short time we are on LL is really amazing :) you'll never look back once you have made it through the first week! :cool:

PS: if you have trouble resisting the alcohol, just remember that of all the things you could possibly lapse with, alcohol is THE most dangerous thing to have while on a VLCD - it won't just mess with your loss, it could cause you some harm should you drink it, and you really don't want that!!!
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hi there
i find planning is the key - if i know i have an event i imagine myself there, what i will do etc then when it comes to the real thing it's easy!
good luck
daisy x
thanks! pete thanks for the warning, im not that tempted by the alcohol i think that will be an easy one for me to give up :) and im also feeling less worried about feeling tempted towards the food now too! im looking forward to going to my first meeting tonight :)


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S: 17st2.8lb C: 17st2.8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Make sure you get yourself a ticker going too :) so we can all see the great loss.

You will go through phases but you seem like an iron willed individual so i have no doubt you will be fine :)
Don't worry about April now

That's my advice, get started, once the weight starts to come off wild babies won't make you decide to jeopardise it for sarnies and champagne for 1 day, honestly.
Nearer the time you can discuss your strategy with your LLC and group.
Just imagine what a lovely outfit you'll be able to wear and how much better you will feel by then.
Take plenty of pictures to record your progress.We love them on here and you will too.
Good luck


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