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Starting Out!


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Tips, split the packs for the first few days. Once you get into ketosis you'll be able to go all day on 3 packs.

If you crave anything, have a bath, go to bed, go for a walk, anything to take your mind off it!

Good luck for the start!
hiys, welcome to mini's. Splitting the packs like get two shakes instead of one save half of a shake for later :) make sure you try all the flavours because everyone's taste is different :) just keep busy busy and dont have anything nice you like in the house esp for the 1st week. drink lot of water it really helps :)
Hi there!!!
And on Cd also!!!
And im loving it!!!

Drink plenty of water
Depending of your allowance do not have nothing else apart from the 3 or 4 cd drinks.
First week you will feel a little down on your mood, but that is just the way our body plays....

You will be fine and you will love it!!!!


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buy ketostix so u know when ur in ketosis i find this helps me!
take pics of urself and post about house-especially kitchen as a reminder of what u dont want to be
any cravings -drink drink drink!!-water!

good luck and come on here if ur struggling and we'll help u out as best we can!!
Wow! Thanks for this. It is really encouraging... It is making me feel that i can do it! :)

Will keep you updated and if i get hungry i will be straight on here.

Any other success stories?


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Welcome :party0011:
I'm new to this too I'm on day 11 and all I can say is drink loooooads of water!!!
Oh and anything bothering you just ask on here some one will be able to help.
Good Luck :happy096:
Hi! The first few days are hard but it is well worth it and after that passes you will feel really good. My energy levels are much better and the hunger does pass. If you need anything this site really does seem to give brilliant help. Happy SS.


Must do it this time
Just Want To Wish You The Best Of Luck,come On Here When You Need Support,a Moan,a Shoulder Anything Really Everyone Is Great On Here,
Happy Cd`ing And Welcome To Minis,
Elaine X

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