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Starting Over - 2014

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by katttb91, 17 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Last May, I started my slimming world journey with a target of losing 2 stone by September.
    I almost made it, I lost just over a stone, but then I went on holiday and I have not been on plan since :mad:.

    Everything has gone back on and I want to start again.
    I haven't decided when to start yet, I'm hoping next week (01/03/14) :)

    My target weight will be the same, a 2 stone loss (10st) , and my target date will be July 5th.

    Here's hoping I succeed :D
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  3. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Welcome back :) Good luck.
  4. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Aww Thank you :) I'm looking forward to it surprisingly haha
  5. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Not such a good start .... been so ill all weekend and off work today , since Friday afternoon I've only eaten 2 meals :(

    Hopefully i will have a better appetite tomorrow
  6. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Another day off work, but actually had breakfast today :)

    Breakfast: Vanilla and Chocolate rice pudding, banana and a pear

    Lunch: Jacket potato baked with spring onion and cheese. Melon and Mango

    Dinner: Chicken, Tomato and Chorizo Risotto with added veg


    Hex A: 30g Cheese
    Hex B: 2 x Honeymonster Stix Chocolate

    Last edited: 15 March 2014
  7. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    So bad at remembering to update this :(

    First loss was 4.5lbs so wad very happy with that :)

    Had a busy week this week as I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-3 then 4-9 and on Thursday I was in London all day (off plan) and had a great time :)

    Needless to say I expected a huge gain this week after indulging in gourmet burger kitchen and chocolate gelato , so I was pleasantly surprised with just 1.5lbs put on in the end :)

    Today I wanted to do a red day but I cannot find my books anywhere so don't want to risk getting anything wrong , so extra easy it is :)

    Another day off work, but actually had breakfast today :)

    Breakfast: Vanilla mullerlight and strawberries

    Lunch: Tikka flavour turkey chunks, Alpen light

    Dinner: Pasta Bolognaise (Tomato, onion and garlic plus salad for superfree) Cheese × 20g

    Hex A: 20g Light Cheese, 100 ml Chocolate Oatly
    Hex B: 2 x Alpen Light Double Chocolate

    Syns: - Weight Watchers Caramel Mallow Wafer ( 2.5 syns )
    Last edited: 15 March 2014
  8. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Dinner 1394915575129.jpg
  9. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Had four days off work and went back at 7 am this morning ......very difficult :(

    Today's diary :

    Breakfast: Melon and mango , toffee mullerlight

    Lunch: Curry potshot, butternut squash carrots and peas

    Dinner: Spanish pork and veg with garlic rice (2.5 syns )

    Snacks :
    - Alpen light double chocolate (hex b)
    - Grapes

    Hex A : 200ml Chocolate Oatly

    Could probably have had a green day in the end but originally had planned meat for dinner and changed my mind :)
    Last edited: 17 March 2014
  10. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Too busy to update yesterday as I worked at both jobs but here is diary for today:

    Breakfast: Melon, mango and strawberries with vanilla mullerlight

    Lunch: Superfree tomato soup, banana

    Dinner: Tomato 'pasta and sauce' with salad

    Hex A : 100 ml Chocolate Oatly
    2 Light Cheese Triangles

    Hex B : Alpen light double chocolate x 2

    - Cadbury timeout (4)
    - Mini creme egg ( 2.5 )
    - Caramel wafer ( 2.5 )
    - Flapjack (2.5)
    - 3 prawn crackers (3)

    Total = 14.5
  11. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Had a nice day off today :) only went to tesco and back and then watched tv the rest of the day.

    So far , this has been today :) ...

    Breakfast : Raspberries and strawberries with raspberry and chocolate mullerlight

    Lunch : Tesco butternut squash and falafel salad (free)

    Dinner: Ham, egg, beans and cheesy chips with cheese triangles too.

    Snacks : Apple, banana, satsuma

    WW Caramel Mallow Wafer ( 2.5 )
    Hartleys Jelly (0.5)

    HEX A :
    2 x Light Cheese Triangles
    20g Light Cheddar

    HEX B :
    1 x Alpen Light Double chocolate
    1 x Honeymonster Stix Chocolate
  12. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Looking good. :) Breakfast sounds lovely!
  13. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Thanks :)
  14. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Half pound loss this week which I am happy with as I went 16 syns over during the week (121 in total) so was expecting a gain.

    Today I'm going to my boyfriends nan and grandads for dinner with his family as it was his aunts birthday the other day.
    We hate having pasta bake and I have no idea what kind of mince is being used so im allowing syns for that and also the topping will be a roux so im using syns for the butter and flour but allowing hex a for milk/cheese.

    I had a look in my book and a restaurant lasagne is 12 syns so even though I have hex a to allow for I am going to put down the full 12.

    Also, I have a nice butternut squash soup on the stove cooking away to have for lunches :)

    So this is today:

    Brunch: Melon, bananas , apple and a toffee mullerlight with a chocolate stix (hex b)

    Dinner: Pasta bake (12 syns)

    HEX A : Cheese 20g and a splash of milk
    HEX B : Honeymonster chocolate stix
  15. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Such a manic week this week.

    Was my birthday on Sunday and my sisters yesterday , and then my best friends on Sunday this coming week.

    So far I've been out for dinner every night since Friday ! It's been so challenging on my syn allowance.

    Tonight I'm going to Frankie and Bennys and having spinach and ricotta cannelloni which is 10.5 syns but I'm taking off 6 syns to have towards my hex a as ricotta.

    Planning on having no dessert !

    After tonight I only have 10 syns to last until Saturday so that will be 5 tomorrow and 5 Friday then I'm done :)

    Today was a GREEN DAY.


    Banana and strawberries with toffee mullerlight and a Hifi light rocky road.


    Apple, Orange, Pineapple and grapes, toffee mullerlight and a Hifi Rocky Road.


    Frankie and Bennys spinach and ricotta cannelloni (4.5 syns)


    Chicken and mushroom pasta'n'sauce


    A - Ricotta Cheese
    - Ricotta Cheese
    B - Hifi Rocky Road × 2
    - Hifi Rocky Road × 1
    - 1/2 tbsp EVOO

    I am so looking forward to eating at home the rest of the week !
  16. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Oh dear sorry diary for abandoning you !

    Since I last wrote , I lost half a pound and put one on.

    Totally expected after the past couple of weeks since I went out for dinner so many times and also had two off plan nights with alcohol.

    Today is an EE day.

    Breakfast: Apple, danio passionfruit (1.5) and 2 alpen light bars

    Lunch: 3 × finn crisps topped with light cheese triangles, and a pear after.

    Dinner: Paella

    Syns: Danio (1.5)
    Cadbury buttons (4)
    Finn Crisps (3)
    Paella (3)

    HEX A : 200ml Chocolate Oatly
    2 Light Cheese Triangles

    HEX B: 2 x Alpen Light Double chocolate
  17. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Wow what a weekend.

    I've used 63 syns in two days , but it's fine , im still left with 42 to last over the next 5 days :)

    Yesterday it was my boyfriends best friends birthday, so we all went to a nice steakhouse in Newbury.

    I stuck to plan throughout the day, and for my main course I had chicken with jacket potato, salad and vegetables.
    I had a small rosé (4.5) and my dessert was chocolate brownie (25) so after my danio at breakfast that put me at 31 syns for the day.

    Today I was at mum and dads for a roast dinner :)
    Again I had chicken, this time with roast sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, gravy, cheese sauce and stuffing.

    I counted 11 syns for that in total.
    Dessert was a chocolate sponge pudding .... woops haha (20 syns).
    I had a strawberry danio (1) with breakfast so that took me to 32 for today :)

    Totally worth it, and I still have 8 syns per day for the rest of the week which is great :)

    I've done my dinner plan for the week just now, I've also planned my day tomorrow and going to try and keep my syns low maybe by just having 1.5 for my danio yoghurt :)

    Also this week I'm going to try having homemade soup everyday for lunch and see if all the extra superfree food helps boost a loss on Saturday!

    *fingers crossed*
  18. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Half pound gain this week (thanks star week) , hopefully will lose it next week.

    Had a good day on plan today :)

    Green Day.

    Brunch: Pear, strawberries, banana and a kiwi with a danio passionfruit (1.5 syns). 1 × Peanut Heaven Hifi

    Snack: 3 × Finn crisps topped with 4 dairylea triangles

    Dinner: Pasta with roast vegetable sauce ( peppers, aubergine, courgette, red onion and tomato )
  19. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Lost the half pound I put on last week .
    I have now been on the same weight of 161lb for about 5 weeks which is really annoying :/

    Today's dairy :

    Green Day:

    Breakfast :
    35g Chocolate Shreddies with 200ml Chocolate Oatly, and some melon.

    Jacket Sweet Potato with beans and roast baby plum tomatoes. Melon.

    Dinner :
    Tomato Pasta Bake (hex a cheese)

    HEX A : 200ml Chocolate Oatly
    HEX A : 40g Light Cheddar

    HEX B : 2 x Honeymonster chocolate stix
    HEX B : 35g Chocolate Shreddies
  20. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    On the late shift today so had a nice lie in and just watching TV before I leave to start at 12 :)

    Today (Green) :

    Breakfast : Raspberries, strawberries and a banana with a passionfruit danio ( 1.5 )
    Lunch: Homemade tomato soup (tomatoes, onion, garlic and stock)

    Dinner : Tomato and Herb mugshot with either a salad or some veg.

    HEX A : ?
    HEX A : ?
    HEX B : 1 x Alpen Light Double chocolate
    HEX B : ?

    Syns : Passionfruit Danio ( 1.5 )

    Trying to be syn free today and tomorrow other than my yoghurt :)
  21. katttb91

    katttb91 Full Member

    Had a good low syn weekend so far ( 4 yesterday and 10.5 today ) so hopefully I'll stay on track the rest of the week :)

    Still getting maintains on the scales , and I'm running out of ideas to boost losses :(

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