Starting Soon...


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I will be starting cd soon. I am doing it without a CDC as I am in Sweden and it appears that is the way it is done here! By the way, it is also a little more expensive here!

As I dont speak swedish, I cant read the in information pages. Is there anything I need to be doing now to prepare my body for the diet. I am assuming I need to slowly cut back on the caffeine drinks and decrease carbs so my body doesnt get too many cravings. Is there anything else I should be doing?

Drink plenty of water!!!!!!!! The more water the better.

Yes decrease carbs and coffee (although you can still have it black - or in cappucino or vanilla shakes)

Make sure you are going to start the diet when you have a relatively easy and relaxing time ahead of you and don't plan lots of extra exercise classes in the first couple of weeks!

Good luck