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Starting the Gym


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There really is no need to be nervous. A good proportion of folk at the gym are there to lose weight. The ones who are slim are so intent on what they're doing they don't notice anything going on round them.
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i was nervous when i first went, but its true.. no ones cares, because they just want to get in and out as fast as they can. If i caught myself looking around to check if others were looking, it made me realise i sure as hell wasnt paying attention to what i was doing! lol

i love the motivation of the gym but i just get a headache from it being indoors.. and my weight loss completly stopped! - thats target for you! LOL


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Yeah, it's like the swimming pool. Everyone's too busy doing their own thing and worrying about what people are thinking about them, to think about other people!
Couldn't agree more with the above! Bet when you get there it'll be YOU looking around at everyone else, not them looking at you! I've just started going, and was plodding along on the treadmill to warm up, but nearly fell over when I couldn't stop peeking at the guy next door, headphones on, towel round neck, running flat out, with a bead of sweat hanging off the end of his nose! I was mesmerised - when was it going to drip? He was completely oblivious, both to me and the sweat!

As everyone else has said, other people are completely wrapped up in themselves, especially the athletic ones. But I know just how you feel, I was exactly the same, so pluck up the courage and make your first visit - you really won't regret it. Have fun...


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I agree with all of the above! No one at my gym is slim, I guess that's why they're there. Hope it went ok.. the gym is amazing :)

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