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Starting tmrw :)

Hi I'm claire. Just picked up my weeks supply from Rowlands the chemist. Looking forward to starting. Tried every diet under the sun. Lipotrim, ww, sw Cambridge, lighterlife.. None of them worked for me. Lipotrim was a nightmere!!
I really hope this works for me. Weighed in today at chemist 17.3lbs. Not good:cry:
Going to Florida in Sept so I must sort this out, and soon. I'm planning on keeping a journal here, just for my own sanity. I really hope this works out.. It's my last shot.. :)

Claire. xx
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Getting there slowly ...
Hi LF and welcome to Minimins

What diet are you following? and how much weight do you want to lose?

I am on Cambridge and have lost 35lb since the end of January so I am happy with how it is going.

Good Luck


Getting there slowly ...
You've got a full six months at least. Didn't know Celebrity Slim so I have just Googled it and realise that it is a vlcd so you should be able to meet your target OK.

Good Luck
Things are going ok. Its hard tho :( but still cracking on with it. I hate the meal rp bars they are vile. So had to go back chemist to get something else. But so far so good. I will have my first weigh in on Friday or saturday. Am feeling exhausted today, no energy and just crap..But am sure this will pass soon.. Just done 10 mins on the bike and had a bath. Nice early night for me. New day tmrw. Hope you're keeping well. xx
Well so far so good. On cs I really don't feel hungry at all. An normal day consists of. Breakfast, strawberry shake, snack about 11.30am an apple or pear, lunch another shake, then 2nd snack apple or pear, tea, chicken fillet filled with philly wrapped in bacon, or steak mushrooms and a huge salad with coleslaw. Omlette with cheese, toms red onions etc..S plenty of choice, the another snack at about 9pm apple, orange, pear, or a mullier light yogurt.
Still feeling tired and a bit lethargic, but to be honest I have felt like that before I even started celebrity slim, due to my weight. I weighed in at 17st 4lbs. I was so disgusted with myself. My weight has held me back for so long, jobs, relationships, socializing and more importantly being more active with my children. I hate that I have no energy to do things with them. I have to stick to this diet, I can't let myself or my children down. Its took so long to save for this holiday to Florida, i will not let my weight ruin mine or my children's holiday of a lifetime..Just needed t have this little rant, it makes me feel better typing my feelings, as i don't talk to anyone else about them. Will be back soon with a update xxx
Still ploughing away. Going to get weighed today :) I know somethings come off as my jeans feel comfy than they did 9 days ago. Yesterday was hard, though. Mum made a huge roast dinner, with all the trimmings for mothers day, and all I could have was the veggies and chicken :\ no yorkshire puddings or crispy roasties or buttered mashed potatoe. But I did it..I was cravings carbs so bad yesterday..Been doing little 15 mins blasts on the exersise bike, to help speed up the weight losses. And still contiune with my 2 liters of water a day. Stopped drinking diet coke as I think with the sweetners in them along side whats in the diet they were giving me an upset tummy. Since I cut them out I've been ok. Took some before pictures yesterday, going to keep hold of them, to remind me why im doing this. As much as they disgust me looking at them, im going to look at them everyday..
Ok into my 2nd week now. So far so good.. Doing 20 mins on the exersise bike now, could only manage 10 mins last week so Im pleased with that. Its annoying me all the water I need to drink, I hate water :( Finding the actual diet ok though tbh. Not starving on it. I really miss my sweets though. Never been a huge savory person chocolate, cakes and sweets have always been my downfall. I got weighed on Monday and lost 4lb. Was hoping for more but it was 1 day early.. So maybe this Monday will see a good loss too.. So that took my weight to 16 stone 13.3. xx
Went for weigh in and lost 6lbs o that 10lbs in total. Was very happy with that. This diet is proving ok so far. Im not starving on it, and tbh I dont even have my snacks half the time. Im finding drinking 2 liters of water very helpful, even though I hate water. My skin has inproved also im not as tired as I was. I think its down to the increased water. So I weighted in at chemist at 16 stone 7lbs. Im going to stop weighing myself daily as at home I can weigh 3 lbs lighter then I weigh again a few hours later and its like 4 lbs on. Drives me crazy.. my size 20 pants feel much more comfy now too, so I think i have lost a few inches somewhere. Would be nice to lose 4lb this week to hit my 1st stone mark.


loves her boy right round
S: 11st6lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done! Your doing so well!
I start tomorrow! All my stats etc on this have changed so ignore lol
Feeling a bit anxious about starting as I feel all I do is skip diet to diet then give up :(
Anyway! I'm focussed!
Keep up the good work! X

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