Starting today, aiming to lose 6st 10 in 40 weeks

Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by chubbycheeks7, 8 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. chubbycheeks7

    chubbycheeks7 Member

    Stumbled across this website and really hoping it will help me stick to healthy eating and lose weight once and for all.

    Always had weight problem but recently its got worse (put on 2 and a half stone in 2012) and feel like i'm really risking my long term health if i dont tackle it now.

    Ive lost all self confidence in adult social situations and think its because i'm embarrased about my size and what other people who know me and have seen how much weight ive piled on must be thinking.

    Got 4 lovely kids and want to live life to the full.

    Feeling optimistic that i can do it, heres to the future :)
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  3. chubbycheeks7

    chubbycheeks7 Member

    Was good all day yesterday, had porridge and blueberries for breakfast, carrot soup for lunch and a little gammon and roast potatoes and loads brocolli and sweetcorn for dinner. All I had in between was cups of tea. Went to bed quite early so wasnt tempted to pick and really pleased, first day in ages that Ive made it through one day without eating rubbish.
  4. dispirited_harpy

    dispirited_harpy New Member

    Good luck, I am starting again tomorrow, nearly lost a stone last year but put it all back on between november and now! Cant give up tho, the alternative is too grim...soo here we go eh? :)
  5. chubbycheeks7

    chubbycheeks7 Member

    I had first week weigh in this morning, 16st 8 so have lost 4lbs, happy considering i fell right off the wagon over the weekend. Think i can put it down to having a go at the 5:2 diet yesterday by starting with a fasting day, only had about 500 cals but was surprisingly easy because i knew i'd be able to eat more today.

    Good luck harpy, you can do it, and your goals seem pretty realistic x
  6. 1bigbetty

    1bigbetty Full Member

    Thats a great start. Well done. Lets hope I can do it to. We will be in shorts by summer. Keep going your on the right track.:girlpower:
  7. chubbycheeks7

    chubbycheeks7 Member

    Well done betty, slow and steady wins the race :)

    I stayed the same this week but know i ate too much on a couple of days so gonna be more careful and should have better result this tuesday x
  8. 1bigbetty

    1bigbetty Full Member

    Hi think i am the same too this week. Even though long hours at work. Wish it would just go away. Have a good weekend. We must Stay strong
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  9. Emmie

    Emmie Silver Member

    Hi there.... And Hey Betty :)
    Just going to offer my support. I think your doing fab and 4lbs loss even in 2 weeks is fab. Hope your days going okay!
  10. 1bigbetty

    1bigbetty Full Member

    Hi girls. Had a good week after all. Lost 3lb this week. The planning has started to pay off. Hope your all doing well. Thinking of you all. Take care. Xx

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