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  1. MoreRosie

    MoreRosie Full Member

    Hello all,
    I have finally decided to start my calorie counting journey.
    3 years ago, I lost 5 stones with slimming world. Great...but I just can't maintain. Each year, I've been through the same cycle of gaining 2 stones and having to lose it again.
    Tried to restart sw in January, but my heart was just not in it. I thought about weight watchers, but then had an honest conversation with myself!
    So here I am!
    I'm using my fitness pal but I like using minis as a place to record my journey, even if I will end up talking to myself!
    I'm on 1200 cals a day and currently need to lose 2stone to get to my ideal weight - mid range healthy bmi.

    Breakfast (not something that I have during the week!) : 2 poached eggs, 2 bacon medallions and 1/4 tin of baked beans
    Lunch: homemade Moroccan chickpea and carrot soup
    Tea: 2 'joes burgers', 2 low fat cheese slices, 1 small jacket potato made into sw wedges and salad (lettuce, cucumber and red onion)
    1/2 pint of skimmed milk.
    Total: 1194

    Exercise: 40 min walk with the dog
    (Generally will not plan on eating these back)

    I lost 5 stones calorie counting in my mid 20s, so very comfortable with this method.
    Just need to work out the maintenance issues, hopefully I will have to enjoy this problem within the next few months :).
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  3. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Hi and welcome to CC - I lost over 5 stone in 2000 with calorie counting and recently gained a stone so I am here for the same reason.
    I find I have to do something like this to keep me on the straight and narrow and joined R Conley class last week mainly for the exercise class as there are no gym classes near to where I live.
    Looking forward to reading your diary.
  4. MoreRosie

    MoreRosie Full Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply! How are you finding Rosemary's groups? We don't have one locally. Hopefully you'll lose that stone really quickly :).

    So, stuck to food goals really well, however a couple of glasses of wine were consumed at the wedding reception that we went to last night. Must try harder!

    Plan for the day.
    Breakfast: coffee (made from my 1/2 pint of skimmed milk). Sorry, really not a morning eater.

    Lunch: salad with sainsburys be good to yourself ham, 2 hard boiled eggs and pickled onions. Yellow plum.

    Tea: fajitas made with chicken and extra lean steak. No wraps, but lots of peppers ad courgettes.

    Snacks: 1 bag of sainsburys flavoured popcorn (yum!), 0%fat Greek yog, blueberries and white choc Options sachet (mixed together - it really is divine and tastes very naughty!).

    1137 calories. Trying to compensate for the wine!

    Exercise: 40mim walk with the dog and 'may' go to the gym later (it's been a while and I feel a bit embarrassed).

    I will be weighing in on Tuesday as I took my start weight then. It hasn't been a perfect week, so not expecting any miracles! As long as the trend is downwards, I will be happy.
  5. systema

    systema Gold Member

    I have only been to the class once really - to 2 classes but they are both the same. We had a "pep"talk for about 10 mins - slimmer of the week announced and straight into the 45 min exercise class which was very good. Sounds like they have all have been going for years and use it as the local gym as there are very few classes around here. A few of them are in Portugal on a long Spa Week-end at the moment so seems very social. We have recently moved to Wales and where we were in the Midlands it was mostly Slimming World - tried that and gained weight !!
    You can't go to a wedding reception and not have a glass of wine or two :)
    My weigh day is also on Tuesday and also quite happy as long as the weigh disappears instead of going upwards.

    Here's to a good Tuesday.
  6. MoreRosie

    MoreRosie Full Member

    Classes sound really good - I like the idea that exercise is included. Be interesting to hear how it goes.

    Made it to the gym yesterday - hooray! Managed a 40 minute session and it wasn't too bad at all.
    We used to go religiously, but have had a difficult few months and all routine disappeared.

    Anyway, plan for the day:
    Breakfast: Coffee and berocca (1/2 pt skimmed milk for the day)
    Lunch: Homemade tomato soup, 0% fat greek yog and blueberries. Two rice cakes (plain)
    Tea: Baked brown rice, with turkey and lots of peppers and courgettes. We had this last week and it was absolutely delicious (cooked the rice with chicken stock, tumeric and a little chilli. dry fried the turkey and veg, mixed all together and baked for another 15 minutes).
    Snacks: 2 cheese flavoured rice cakes, greek yog and white choc options.

    Cals = 1190

    The only thing that I'm noticing about my current food choices is that they are much more carb laden than previously (I'm usually really nervous of carbs!), but let's see how it goes, I can always change the ratio if this isn't working for me!

    Exercise: 45 minute (3 mile) walk home from work
    40 minutes in the gym

    Right, had better do some work now as I've already been in for 20 minutes :).

    Have a lovely day!
  7. systema

    systema Gold Member

    I noticed the carb thing on Friday when we were out for the day so trying to cut them down a little but I always seem to go back to them but will limit the portion size - as long as there is fibre in our diet we will be fine.
    Class tomorrow then I am going to Aqua at our local pool in the evening. Good Luck at weigh in.
  8. MoreRosie

    MoreRosie Full Member

    Pleased that I'm not the only one then.
    Down a lb. Which takes me to my profile weight.
    Not brilliant, but to be honest, I only started in earnest on Saturday.
    So, will try and reduce the carbs for a week and will see what happens!

    Went to a spin class last night. First time for 6 months. Not in as much pain as I had expected this morning!

    Breakfast: coffee
    Lunch: homemade tomato soup, 2 sesame ryvita, 0% Greek yog and blueberries
    Tea: extra lean beef escalope turned into a stroganoff with extra light philly and mushrooms. Served with dry fried roast veg (tomatoes, peppers and onions)

    Snacks: options white choc.
    1149 cals and a very different carb/protien ratio!!

    Exercise: 40 min walk. Booked another spin class!

    Hope your class and aqua-aerobics go well and that you get a good result on the scales!
  9. systema

    systema Gold Member

    A pound is a pound :) well done. I am too old for spinning classes - did one once and never again.

    Did not realise that My Fitness Pal worked out all the carb/protein/ salt etc in your food until I had a proper look at it this morning and went over mine by just a little on yesterdays food so going to log in there each day to keep a check on it and change my meals if necessary.

    Dreaded weigh in at 12 noon.
  10. MoreRosie

    MoreRosie Full Member

    I felt very old in the class, quite probably the oldest there! I'm almost 44 and most were in their 20's!
    Keeping fingers crossed for you!
    I love mfp. It is really easy to log and check. Just need to get better at menu planning now!
  11. systema

    systema Gold Member

    I almost fell of the scales when she told me I had lost 4lbs :eek: and I was Slimmer of the Week. OK I did not cheat and have done the exercise but it was a shock. I did lose 1.5 lbs the week before I joined the class so it wasn't "first week water" as someone said but next week she said it would be no more than 2 which I would be more than happy with - I was looking more at 1 to 1.5lb a week.
    Just got back from Aqua and it is quite a good class, she keeps us working hard for the full 45 mins so going to get the other half of dinner now.
  12. MoreRosie

    MoreRosie Full Member

    That is absolutely amazing!!! I am so pleased for you. What a boost :). So, is it another week on 1200 calories again?

    Had to have an ultrasound yesterday. Had a kidney infection a few weeks ago - it was the first ever one, so my doctor wanted to see if there were any kidney stones. I've been told to make an appointment with my doctor next week, so just waiting for the results now.

    Anyway, my plan for the day:
    Breakfast - usual!
    Lunch - salad bowl with 2 hardboiled eggs, 2 tbsps of extra light mayo, 20g of low fat cheese. Greek yog and blueberries with 2 sesame ryvita
    Tea - sainsburys extra light medallion steak (divine!!!), with salad and roasted butternut squash

    not sure what else yet - coming in quite low. I'll see how I feel later.

    Exercise: 45 min walk home and 40 minutes in the gym (rowing, cross trainer and 20 min run/walk on treadmill)
  13. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    Sounds good! :)
  14. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Thank you - yes another 1200 cals week.
    Hope things go ok for you at the Doctors.
    Your lunch is what I could eat every day - either that or soup and butternut squash is something that is always in my cupboard.
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