Starting Today!! hope i can do it this time!!


Well i went to the new refreshers group last night (lovely group of ladies - 2 absent, 2 quiet ones 4 chatty ones-including me!) got on the scales for the DREADED weigh-in:cry: 14stone 6lbs:eek:. Question is will i be able to shrink to a size 12 in 3 months??? (currently a size 18) i think i would need to be between 10-11 stone to be a size 12 again. My sister is getting married this June and i have bought tickets to a posh Ball in May :eek: (40 years old and never been to a ball before!) :confused:
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Hi Sal, hopefully you will reach your goal, i think going from an 18 to a 12 in 3 months is quite achievable, good luck:)


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Hiya Sal

Good for you for getting back on the wagon - welcome aboard. I'm so sure that you'll be able to get to your ball and be the belle, dancing the night away. Just keep your eyes fixed on the beautiful dress you want to wear and you will be certain to hit your goals.

Claire does the welcome dance....everyone at work looks at her strangely....:eek:


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Well done Sal

Congrats! You are now officially on the wagon. Can I ask how tall you are? Cos a BMI of 23 seems quite low for 11 stone, are you a tall girly?



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I started VLCDing in Oct 05 weighing 15.3 and a size 20/22. 4 months later I'd lost 4 stone weighed 11.3 and was a size 12/14. So it is possible - infact probable, if you stick to the diet and drink your water.

As I didn't learn my lesson properly the first time round ... I'm now back on SS and looking to shift 3 stone in 3 months!


i am 5ft 8in so quite tall considering my mum is only 5ft :p

what is SS?

i've been looking at the before and after photos on here they are a fantastic inspiration! everyone looks so much younger when they've lost weight :cool: . i'm going to take some unflattering 'before' pictures today - if i can remember where i put the camera :rolleyes:


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SS = sole source ... just packs

VLCD = very low calorie diet ie cambridge CD, lighter life LL or lipotrim LT