Final Attempt to lose 5+ stone… and then to keep it off this time!🤞


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Okay, I really have to do something “again”🙄
The amount of times I have lost and regained the same 5+ stone is unreal…😏
I was just over 11 st approx 2 years ago and this time last year around 12-13 stone…
But rather than keep on top of the loss, I just let things slide and am back up to 16st ( this morning’s weight 🙄😬)!
I feel SO uncomfortable… hardly any of my clothes fit anymore… and all moving around just seems like an effort… I can really feel the extra weight.
It certainly isn’t helping the knee replacement I had in February last year either along with my other knee which is going the same way😏.
I look in the mirror and feel disgusted with how I’ve let things get like this again..

I need to stop binge eating!
I seem to just eat for any reason and way too much of it too.

SO, I am going to start with logging everything and just try and get a grip again.
And I am going to start calorie counting again, once I’ve taken back control.

plus , I need to start some exercise again bit by bit..
I used to like exercising, but have let that slip too.

Today I need to sort out what to take to work food wise…
Today’s food is not in the slightest bit going to be good as I’ve been doing some baking, in the form of rhubarb crumble as a bloke from work gave me some rhubarb from his allotment 😊
And I’m making some dauphinois potatoes to go with other stuff made with oak smoked garlic I got from the garlic farm on the Isle of Wight when visiting my dad last weekend😊

Will enjoy that , besides Monday is a good day to restart…🤞

here goes..
Well, I think what I just ate will be last very high calorie meal/food for a long while…
Just had mango and coconut chicken breast (Sainsbury’s) with the potatoes dauphinois and then home made rhubarb crumble & custard- delicious 😋


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Welcome back lovely!

I'm still here, sad git that I am - and I so hear you on losing the same weight over and the moment I'm on a "Try not to bring bad stuff into the house and scoff it all in one go" diet :D :D. I tried SW again but couldn't get back into it, plus the high fibre gave me IBS, so I'm slowly moving to low carb/keto.

Suze x
@ladyfelsham Hi!😀
I really need to sort it this time, I’m not getting any younger 🙄😂
My problem seems to be that I will just keep eating and eating, the full sign doesn’t seem to register atm🙄
Work is worst, I just keep buying lots of food and just keep eating!😬
But I have a plan that I actually need to implement this time!
Ok… my plan!
Thought about it many times before but been too scared to do it!🙄😂
Seeing as I drive an 18 tonne rigid truck delivering and collecting pallets of goods around the New Forest (and beyond on occasion), I tend to either make a packed lunch and don’t eat it .. stopping near shops and takeaway outlets/vans ( I know where they all are and where I can stop!🤷‍♀️🙄😂) and just buying lots of junk or I take nothing and just buy lots of junk food 🤷‍♀️🙄
Pic of my truck added.

So my plan is…. Make food to take to work, leave my purse/ debit card at home and maybe just take £1-2 with me or if I don’t make food to take in just take £5 to get a meal deal?
I have already taken my debit card off my wallet on my phone😬😀 so I can’t use my phone to pay!
This seems the only way I can get a grip of my binge eating while at work at the moment….
I have to do it!


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hey there, welcome back! buying food at work is a definite downfall, I used to be the same but I've changed jobs now so it's not a problem anymore.

I wouldn't even bring £1 or £2 to be honest because the only things I'd be likely to buy with that would be crisps or chocolate.

Good luck :)
Love your truck and your practical plan!

I recommend checking out low carb and keto. I don't count anything - just only eat breakfast when i am hungry (usually after 1pm and avoid white stuff and veggies grown below ground.
hey there, welcome back! buying food at work is a definite downfall, I used to be the same but I've changed jobs now so it's not a problem anymore.

I wouldn't even bring £1 or £2 to be honest because the only things I'd be likely to buy with that would be crisps or chocolate.

Good luck :)
Thanks and good point will prob be best not to take any money…
Love your truck and your practical plan!

I recommend checking out low carb and keto. I don't count anything - just only eat breakfast when i am hungry (usually after 1pm and avoid white stuff and veggies grown below ground.
Thanks, have looked at Keto before now , but I do love carbs lol, but I do try to have wholemeal bread rather than white most times…
I used to do SW years ago and it did work when I followed it, but prefer counting calories now, but atm am just trying not to overeat/ binge for now if I don’t count the cals .
Have been on a diet and lost and gained the same 5-6 stone many times over the decades 🙄😂
I know what works for me , it’s just sticking with it or keeping to it and not giving in to temptation continuously 😬
I haven’t done too bad today, have kept under 2000 cals which is what I’m allowing myself - if I do 10k steps which I haven’t quite…(TeamRH thing - lost my weight last time with them..)

it’s been scorching 🥵 working today.. not helped by the passenger electric window not working or the air conditioning in the truck🙄😬 so no air been able to blow right through with just the one window open , just not the same with one window down😏
Anyhow , although I wasn’t planning on taking my debit card today, I realised I had to as I needed to get to a post office and post my HGV medical form off ( need a medical every five years after age 45 to still be able to drive a HGV..)
While in there I also came out with 2 Pepsi Max’s and…. A boost bar and white twix!🙄😬
now that’s quite good for me!😂
And with everything else I’ve had my calorie count for the day has been reasonable 😊

had kvarg with fruit for a late breakfast
Ham,cheese and tomato sandwiches for lunch
Also had…
Chicken teriyaki strips ( Iceland defrost &eat)
An Actimel
2 Hifi bars
Some beef type vegi wotsit type snacks from Aldi
1L water - unusual for me to drink that much water 💦 but it has been hot 🥵

finished work at 7pm and was home by half past.
Been home and watched some Emerdale and Corrie.
Need to wean myself off them lol , as when I sit down of an eve , usually can’t be bothered to move much more , when I could be more productive and make next days food or do some walking/exercise.

Baby steps though until I get some motivation back!😊


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Not done too bad again today😊
Although at work after my 2nd delivery my truck broke , well the tail lift… power went and couldn’t put it away🙄 so was stuck in a country lane for 3 hours until someone could come out to fix it!
The people in the house to the right of me were helpful, offered me drinks and use of the toilet 😊
So whilst waiting I just listened to my audio book 😊

food has been ok, drank plenty of fluids, needed atm.

ended on just over 2000 cals, good in my book😊
Off to bed early catch up on some 💤


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I love audio books, a fellow miniminner pointed me in the direction of the library when I couldn't afford audible and I've never looked back, so many to choose from.

That was kind of the people to help you out, 3 hours is a long time without a drink or access to the toilet!

Well done for sticking to your plans.
@ChilliQueen , I’m hooked on audiobooks and podcasts!
And doing the job I do, I can listen to them all day 😊 makes a change from the radio and music😊
Think I’ve listened to approx 40 books now on my audible 😀

yesterday- Wednesday was a long day at work … got home at 8.45pm , day started off with another 2 hour wait as one of my tyres looked a little flat, tructyre came out but couldn’t find any puncture🤷‍♀️ It had half the air it needed, but they pumped up and said keep an eye on it…
Anyway by the time I’d finished my days work and went to my car (last back🙄) I found some of the other drivers had parked their trucks blocking me in!😩
So back to get some keys and move a couple before I could get out and go home🙄
There is a lack of parking since we’ve moved yards ( and management had said if no spaces left park your car where your truck is), but at end of day and others coming back earlier they don’t think or care sometimes😏 even though all the drivers have been told!

Anyhow, food was ok and I had around 1600 cals of food - under my 2000 cal current allowance 😊

I still have taken my debit card to work ( just can’t do it! I feel panicky 🤷‍♀️😂)
But I have managed to get a bit of self control back - I think!🤔😊

Today I didn’t eat much of what I took to work just had more “drinks”
And I did go into co-op and came out with some chicken goujons and… 2 Jamie dodger cakes🙄😬 BUT I only had one and calorie counted it on MyFitnessPal and saved the other one for my daughter and took it home😇😇
But I’m under cals today too😊

also stepping on the scales this morning, I had gone from 16st 2 down to 15st 13.8!😃
And my “official” weigh in which “counts” is on Sunday - something to spur me on to keep going.

Friday tomorrow! I like my weekends off 😊

pics of today’s and yesterday’s food in a collage


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heres a suggestion for you regarding the debit card - I understand the feeling as I used to drive from house to house for a living often far from home and I liked to know if there was ever an emergency that I had a means to pay for food, accomodation, taxi, whatever. So I get it.

How about making it a 'rule' that your debit card is an emergency thing, you're not allowed to buy food with it (unless of genuine need)

Every day when you know you would have spent £5 or £10 or whatever the common amount was, Transfer it into a savings account or better still have a jar and put £5 in it every day you manage not to buy anything - visual is very motivating. (if you're anything like me you always use card and never have actual cash tho haha) or even just take a notebook and start writing it down what you're 'owe' yourself.

Save up your £5 per day and put it towards something that isn't food. Haircut, clothes, shoes, a day out, cinema tickets, a holiday - whatever motivates you.

Just an idea anyway, keep plodding on!
@ChilliQueen , thanks that’s a good idea 👍
It will certainly save me some money in the long run!
I sometimes look back at all my card debits from co-op and Tesco etc and think damn!!😬

Anyhow Friday I went over calories, bought 2 Belgian buns and a big bag of Revels 🙄
The buns though I sliced through and ate mainly the icing on the top🤷‍♀️🙄😂
Oh and a t work I got absolutely soaked! Don’t think I’ve seen rain that hard ALL day in a long while and just couldn’t get dry being in and out of the cab all day 😏😩

Yesterday- Saturday I only had like 900 cals , basically drank coffee all day , had a SlimmingWorld meal for dinner , a Cornetto, a mini Soreen loaf and 2 small Lindt chocolate bars.

Today only got up at midday, as didn’t go to bed until 3am as was sat up watching films with hubby 🤷‍♀️

But I weighed in on my Renpho scales and I have lost 6.6 lbs since last Sunday! 😀🎉

gone from 16st 2 odd to 15st to odd 😀

Happy with that ! Back in the next stone down bracket … and a spur to keep going 😀

Got one more week at work next week then have 2 weeks off 😀

The first week I have my daughters 21st birthday and at the end of the first week am going up to Cambridge ( we live in Southampton) with my daughter to see my Sons , one of them with his girlfriend and my New 1st baby Grandson 🥰
The second week hubby has booked us 5 days Mon-Frid at a holiday let in Ilfracombe North Devon 😀
Can’t wait! But will still try and be sensible food wise 🤞


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@AliGal thanks, plans work if you stick with them - and that’s what I need to do 😊

Today has mainly been housework & ironing 😏
But I’ve also got my food prepped for work tomorrow, so that’s a result 😊

Today’s food was
Lunch , marinated chicken(spicy) with coleslaw sandwich
Dinner BGTY Cumberland sausages, eggs and chips with some garlic jam😍
Couple of iced coffees and lots of tassimo coffees with skimmed milk

all within calories

hope next week goes quick, can’t wait for my two weeks off!


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I must keep up!
Yesterday I was under calories, and had my breakfast I took into work for dinner…🤷‍♀️

I’m usually just focused on getting work done in the morning ( trying to get as many deliveries done) and don’t usually stop to eat breakfast.
In the afternoon I’m a bit more chilled as I’m on collections then.
Before getting back on plan though I’d stop in a shop and buy lots of junk snacks and have them to hand and just eat as I was going along 🙄😬

at the moment that seems to have stopped which is a good thing!😀

here’s yesterday’s food.. boring at the moment but until I get re-inspired, I’m just trying to keep within my calories


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Another good day food wise , even though I resisted temptation going into a shop and just coming out with a Pepsi max 😇
Work has been un eventful ..
Oh and seeing that my daughter Donna is going to be 21 on Tuesday, I’ve asked my cousin to make her a 2 tier birthday cake , left the design up to her so can’t wait to see what she comes up with😀(picking it up mon eve)
Me and my daughter are going on a day out to Brighton on Monday too…
2 more days until my 2 weeks off 😀


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