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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by denajane, 23 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. denajane

    denajane Full Member

    Hi all,
    I have been lurking in the background reading all your fantastic diaries, I am currently on lipotrim and have lost 3 stone but will be starting WW just before xmas to get the last stone off.
    Was just wondering if you have any ideas, you see I am not a great lover of veg but realise I need to eat more, so was wondering if any of you have any recipies on how to make them more appetising x
    Thanks in advance
    Dena xx
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  3. Pink Princess

    Pink Princess Full Member

    Hey :D

    Congratulations on losing three stone, that's fab! I don't have any recipes as such to hand, but what I would do is maybe chop up veggies really small and add them to sauces etc, so you almost don't know they are there, or blend them into soups? You could always try making smoothies with fruit, great way to get your 5 a day without actually having to eat lots of fruit? What about things like chopping onions, garlic etc and putting it into homemade burgers, do them small enough and you'll hardly know they're there! Good luck with WW, will post if I think of any more ideas xxx
  4. denajane

    denajane Full Member

    Thanks hun will try them, well done on your losses your doing fab xx
  5. doesmybumlookbig

    doesmybumlookbig Full Member

    I have some recipes you could have if you give me your email addy I could send you some. ww is changing soon I think they have a new plan call discovery not sure how that will change points and things of them though
  6. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

    Well done on your weight loss so far. Have you decided if you are going to do points or core? Will you be going to a class or ww online or doing it alone with minimins for support? Good luck with whatever you decide x
  7. Jax123

    Jax123 Gold Member

    Well done on your weight loss so far - you're doing really well :D Good luck xxx
  8. denajane

    denajane Full Member

    Thanks for the welcome Anna b Im gonna be going to the classes I think, I got down to a gold memeber many years ago and I am only a few lbs off my higher weight so I wont have to pay just get the knowledge and inspiration. I think I will do the points as nt sure what core is but I will find out when I start my first class in a few weeks xx
  9. Tanari

    Tanari 100% Focused

    Good Luck when you start. Well done on the weight you've lost already
  10. denajane

    denajane Full Member

    Hi Keisha thank you, Im starting refeed next week so hoping to start WW maybe just after xmas depending how long I decide to refeed for I haven't decided yet going to see how I find eating after all this time xx
  11. Tanari

    Tanari 100% Focused

    Your doing quiet well on LT. Over 2.5 stones in 9 weeks, the awesome hun. When you do refeed do you loose weight still?
  12. denajane

    denajane Full Member

    I have been told that you do on your first week then people tend to maintain after that which im more than happy with, as long as its not going back on thats all that matters. Once my body is used to food again im hoping to lose my last stone on ww xx

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