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I dont know what is wrong with me this evening... I am absolutely starving... not just fancying food but really really hungry. I already do SS+ (4 shakes) so cannot even add an extra one in.

I am off out tonight and everyone will be eating and last week I managed to sit and drink a cup of tea whilst everyone was eating but this week I am worried I will eat. I am on day 10 so thought everything would be fine by now.... I have stuck to it 100% so far.
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is a naughty girl...
Sorry you are hungry - I am too, but it is day one ;) Put an elastic band around your wrist and when you feel hungry 'ping it'. Apparently this is proven to stop you thinking about food. This works for other things too. It trains your mind to relate pain and the thought, so it doesnt think of it. My friend gave up smoking like this :)

However in the short term can you not take a shake with you?! x
The ping therapy is really good for fighting negative thoughts or anxious thoughts etc. As soon as you become aware you are doing it you ping yourself and then actively distract yourself / say something positive to yourself / do deep breathing for anxiety. It's not about the pain though; it's about calling attention to yourself and your thought patterns with the principle being that the more frequently you become aware of your behaviour the earlier and earlier you will become aware of it meaning you stop it sooner and sooner and eventually completely resolve it. In one place I worked I had loads of people on "ping" therapy and one guy said it to me one that he was looking out for bands on other peoples wrists in the staff canteen! If you are at home you don't need the elastic band; you can just tell yourself out loud and very firmly to "stop it".


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And take comfort from the thought that it probably means you're about to drop a pound or two (or even three, LOL) overnight. :D

I've noticed I get horribly hungry just before I see a big drop on the scales.

Here's hoping. :cross: I could eat my own arm this evening.


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Lily... oh I hope that happens to me. I am day 2 of my restart and very hungry but I am stuck in class (teaching) and I don't finish for another 3 hours so I can't do anything about it. I am telling myself that it's ok and when I finish I can go straight to the kitchen for a nice hot soup!


Slowly but surely x
im not encouraging you to eat but if you do, have some fish or chicken but deffo no carbs. I hope Ive not come in and spoiled all this wonderful encouragement but having protein is less damage to your system than what carbs would be xx
Food tonight is chicken but it is covered in sweet and sour sauce... I have just had a porridge and my last half a shake hoping it will fill me enough not to cheat....

I hope I do drop a few lbs as I haven't even lost 1 since monday and I am only on week 2


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greeneyes i was feeling like that the night before last. i didnt cave in but i was just at home! good luck!

if its any concelation the next day when i woke up feeling hungry still!!! i went and bought a new dress just a cheap one i bought it a size smaller and low and behold got it home tried it on n it looked great and fitted....... its like carma (is that even how you spell carma lol)
Yea!!!!!!!! My hungry day paid off.... I have dropped 4 pounds over night (I was on the loo all night too)

So since Tuesday I have now gone down from 23st 4 to 22st 13.

Oh I do love it when the numbers go down!
Well I didn't cave in, I kept to it 100% but when I got on the scales this morning I had put on 0.2lb. That means since Monday I have lost the grand total of 0.4lb and I am being weighed tomorrow.... but I will be 100% today too however much I feel like I wont.
ooooh don't worry about the numbers not going down. It's wonderful when they do but remember that there are weeks when you lose in volume but not in weight. If you don't go down in weight this week, you certainly will next week. Stand and look in the mirror and look what wonderful progress you have made and think about how good you look now! Stand proud and be proud! You look great now!

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