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  1. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Hi everyone

    I am on week 2 of Sole source and have decided, after reading some very inspiring diary's, to start one for myself.

    I realised today that I have wasted around 26 years of my life dieting and failing and have decided that this will no longer be the pattern of my life. Too much time has been thrown away refusing to go on nights out because I had nothing to wear. Not joining in games, dances and general fun because I was too fat and too embarassed to.

    I am totally motivated at the moment and am actually enjoying the sensation of being a little bit empty as it makes me feel lighter and less sluggish. Although I absolutely adore food, it literally kills me everytime I eat giving me constant indigestion, heartburn, painful stomach aches (taking pain killers before and then after I eat!!!!!! crazy) and tiredness all the time and all because the lady loves to overindulge and has believed for a long time that it was making me happy. How wrong I have been!

    Anyway I love this forum and hope it gets a bit busier soon. I found myself missing some of the regular minimins posters who haven't been on for a while after I read through their diaries. I hope everyone who is on this journey whether at the beginning like me, middle or end finds the stength and love for themselves to complete it and emerge as new happier and contented person. Thats my goal.:D
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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    Good luck with the diet. I recognise some of your description in myself, the amount of times I have turned down something fun because I felt too fat, and let alone that feeling over overindulgence every time I ate a meal because I didn't know when to stop. Uch, hopefully no more.
  4. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Thanks Chlo, good luck on your journey too.

    Today I have found things really challenging. I drove past a chippy on the way home and all I could think about was getting a sausage supper!!! I don't even like them! My brain is very strange craving lots of food today and my stomach is also rumbling. Not good, I thought i was on the home straight being so good and strong for 11 days. However a hot bath and early night are called for I think!
  5. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    Early nights are a must in this diet!!!

    Some days your fine, but then others temptation can seem to much, so thank god we can just go to bed and snuggle under the covers away from the fridge!!!

    Best of luck to you hun... Sounds like your doing fab!!

  6. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Well this is Day 13, nearly two full weeks completed. I feel, for the first time in a long time that I am in control of me and it feels good. I have had a very upset tummy the past 3 days but am assuming it is just my body cleaning itself out as I don't feel unwell at all.

    I would love to have a sneak peak on the scales as I don't get weighed til next week but mines are broken! I am looking forward to next as I am feeling really positive about what CWP can do for me.x
  7. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    Wow, you have done amazing to stay so strong without having weighed yet!!!

    You should have an amazing result on weigh day and I can't wait to hear!!! ?

    I'm sure the runny tummy will clear up soon and glad your feeling so bright and in control!!

  8. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Had another good day so far 100% everyday for 14 days. Haven't drank nearly enough water today though which is not good, but back on track tomorrow. Thanks for your support tomandkatesmum.x
  9. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Well it's day 17 today and feeling a bit down. Keep thinking that I should lose my weigh sensibly with food as I'm doubting I can do this for much longer. Problem is I have been fat for about 20 years of my life and have been yoyo-ing for that whole time. Needing a bit of motivation!:break_diet:
  10. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member


    I'm on day 17 too. You can do this just got to believe in yourself. I've had similar thoughts and been yo yoing for about 5 years but know this is the quickest way to it. Just break in down into 2 weeks, that's what I'm doing. Got to 2 weeks and thought ok that's not too bad and now working on the next 2 weeks. Think about how much you could lose in each of them 2 weeks and imagine how much that could be after say 8 weeks. That prob sounds daft but just take everyday as it comes. When I think of being on this for 12 weeks its seems scary so that's why I break it down. We are already steaming towards week 3.

    How much have you lost so far? X
  11. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Thanks Liz, you are so right. I think the thought of not eating til possibly March really panicked me today. I have lost 12lbs so far and what knocked me for six was only losing 3lbs this week, really wanted 4 or 5. However 12lbs in 2 weeks isn't bad!xx how about you what have you lost?
  12. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member


    You could have some chicken if you get desperate, I have been. Also have you tried the bars yet? Defo easier with having a bar.

    I lost 8lb week one and 6lb week 2 but I would of been more than happy with 3lb. I'm expecting a small lose this week, would be happy with 2lb to be honest.

    How you feeling today? X
  13. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Hi Liz

    Feeling really proud today as have not cheated am feeling back in the zone. I think being at work is definitely helps, although I am taking it one day at a time and stopping being so annoyed at myself for wanting food. It's soooo hard!!! What great losses you had in your first two weeks? Good luck for next weigh in. What day do you weigh in?x
  14. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Well that's day 18 over. Seem to be trying to tempt myself or drive myself nuts today thinking about food. Have developed a desire to watch the food channel on tv! What's that all about?x
  15. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Glad you had a good day. Have you tried the bars yet? They defo help me. I love the peanut crunch one and has the least carbs in, feels me up. I should weigh on Thursdays but am going Saturdays due to working all week. Think that's why my loss has been more as had 2 extra days.

    Work helps me too. Have a good day x
  16. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Day 20 today and have been advised by CPC that I should maybe do SS+ on some days as I am struggling with hunger, so had some salmon, egg and mushrooms tonight but feel really stuffed!:confused:
  17. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Another 3 lbs off tonight making a grand total of 1st 1lb in 3 weeks, lovely. After a good chat with my CPC I have decided to go SS+ everyday this week and stop chewing gum. Here's to my next stone off the 5 I have to loose. Good luck everybody:D
  18. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Well done, that's really good. Enjoy ss+ I do half and half and really enjoy the eating. It's going so quick, we are in to week 4 :)
    My weigh in tomorrow, not looking good though as weighed myself this morn and only showing 1lb off. I really hope come tomorrow it will be at least 2.
    Have a lovely Friday.
  19. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Good luck for weigh in Liz.
  20. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Well done on sticking to the diet, I enjoy having the meal of an evening, makes u feel a bit better, bars are good when u out the mint and the malt ones are my favorite,

  21. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Thanks, 3lb for me too :) Very pleased with that. Hope you having a lovely weekend.

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