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Step away from the scales !

I know, I know I need to step away from the scales as I am getting obsessed with weighing myself every night to check that my good work in the day is actually doing something.... bit of an incentive I suppose and I know I shouldnt - I might hide the scales or put them in a difficult to reach place....

Does anyone know how the what you eat and what exercise you do versus your weigh in works - is what you eat each day reflective of the weigh in that night and the exercise that day or does it tend to be the next day iykwim ?

Can anyone shed any light...

I have been fine up to now and everyday I ahve seen the scales go down but last night I jumped on and they were up 1.5 lb when I had been on a 4k run and been really good all day ????

Anyone know how it works?
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Hi hun
I admit I am abit obsessed when it comes to weighing myself, even the Hubby has picked up the habit off me lol!
I do find i weigh more in the evenings, my scales are 1lbs heavier than the rc ones but I do like to check them halfway through the week to see how im getting on.

But the best way to know your exact weight is to weigh yourself at the same time once a week and try to wear the same clothes too.


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Sadly i weigh myself about 5 times a day. It determines my mood and what i am eating for the day.
Glad Im not the only one ;)

I always weigh myself at the same time of day, just before I get into bed, and in the same clothes.

Was just wondering why yesterday was showing an increase after exercise and eating well where as before then even after exercise it has always shown a loss..

If I see a loss it gives me the boost to carry on the next day.. espec as only on 1200 cal ;)
I am also a compulsive weigher. I have discovered a pattern though. I know I will weigh more on a Tuesday and a Saturday. I also weigh morning and before bed. I only take Monday as official but I make a mental note of how I am doing. I am lucky as I don't get too disheartened if the scale have gone up a bit during the week.

If you can't stay away from the scales, why not make a chart to track your weight each day but only use 1 day as official. You will spot the patterns so you know what to expect.

By the way I am a bit of a geek and love a good spreadsheet and graph ?
Not sure whats going on - have now managed to lose that 2.5 lbs that appeared at the beginning of the week - now to try and lose more or even stay the same for weigh in on sunday :(

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