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Step in consultant?

My C is away on holiday at the mo and has struggled to get cover. Lucky some man consultant from the other side of town came to the rescue but my C had never met him.

Now. I dont mean to sound rude.. but this bloke was hugely over weight, he had a real smell about him that hung in the air and he was so unfit he was out of breath after walking to the door to greet someone.

Now, i know the requirment to be a C means you have to have lost weight with SW, but i also know there is no regulation on keeping it off.

Dont get me wrong, i dont want no size 8 consultant.. my C is atleast a 14-16, but she is happy, clearly fit and healthy and is openly honest about following the plan herself.. and her ups and downs etc.

I know this bloke could have already lost 5st for all i know, but he turned up in dirty clothes and i really felt for my consultant, because three new members came that night and i could see straight away how they thought it was a joke. My c needs those numbers because class has been quiet recently, but i'd bet my last tenner they wont be back next week.

I didnt stay to class, mainly because the smell was so bad.. it actually made me feel unwell.

and then to top it off, they had me pay.. because they couldnt figure out how to reset my target weight and he said 'oh get the money back off your C when she's home' but i know full well all money he takes that night stays with him, for covering the class.. so that means my C will be a fiver out.. AND their scales were registering a pound when no one was even stood on the scales! he just kicked the scales and laughed.. said they were old and needed a kick sometimes. So whos to know if anyones weigh in was correct?

Im just appauled at the unfit state of this 'consultant', if i were slimmingworld i certainly would want that fronting my compaign.

sorry, rant over.

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that sounds awfull!! c would of been better if she had asked you or anyone in the class that has lost alot of weight because at least you would be able to advise any new people! maybe mention to you c when she gets back so she dont ask the same person to cover again!


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Goodness, how awful. I'm sorry but the least I'd expect from someone doing their paid job is that they wash!! :confused:

I bet you're right about those newcomers not returning next week, Fern. What a pity for your regular consultant.


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That's dreadful.

We had a cover C this week too, but she was really nice (But then I would say that because she gave me a shiny LOL).

I don't think I'd have stayed either, I hate bad hygiene!


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Oh Fern how awful.

I know for sure I'd have refused to pay and would probably have walked out in disgust rather than line his pocket. I'd then have explained it to your Consultant when she came back.

It's a shame that SW has consultants like this and rather suprised too - even if he had lost 5 stone or something already that does n't mean he has to be dirty and in all honesty I think you need to have a consultant who has had a successful journey even if they have the odd relapse. I would never even dream of being a consultant at the weight I am even though I've lost a good amount of weight already.

I feel for your consultant, she'd have been better off getting someone to just do a weigh class instead of someone like him coming in and messing up all the good work she has worked so hard to do!


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Oh gosh Fern! That doesn't sound good... Let's forget his weight for a second and focus on his lack of personal hygiene :eek: and professionalism! I'm fairly empathetic when it comes to people's weight and personal struggles but being overweight is not an excuse to show up looking so untidy! Now that's a requirement that should never be compromised!


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He may have been working hard all day and rushed straight to class, so I'd have gived him the benefit if the doubt just the once on the smell. Must have been horrible for everyone though.

I definitely wouldn't have paid, I'd have said that I didn't have my purse with me.

It's difficult to judge him because of his weight, I used to have a leader at a different slimming club who was quite large but very motivational too.

I hope the newbies come back next week to see the real class in action.
Ugh that sounds horrible. Very unproffessional and what a bad example for the new people. Did anyone tell them he isn't the normal C? Hope so!

I think it's difficult with C's, should they all be thin and fit and a picture of health or normal people who also struggle. As you say Fern it's often helpful to see that C's struggle too and also follow the plan. A few people have told me I'd make a great C but it's not something I'd even think about until I thought I'd give a first good impression. No-one wants to join a slimming club and be faced with someone fatter than them even if that C has lot a lot of weight already.

Perhaps this chap has lot a lot of weight and is very good at what he does but there's no excuse for bad hygiene. How off-putting.


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urgh not a good impression. i have recently changed classes and returned to my original consultant, (she is great) but she has been off sick since i returned (about 4 weeks) and so i have had the consultant that i rejoined with. she is also very good, so we are quite lucky where we live.

If the consultant had come on short notice he should have at least apologised to the group for his appearance and faulty equipment.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Oh dear - I see what you mean - it doesnt matter what his size is ( I never judge people for that ) but I see where you are coming from with the newbies in mind.
As for the bad smell - well there is never an excuse for that imo!!
Even a spray of deodourant might have helped there!

Make sure you DO get your money bck though hun, thats ridiculous and definatley speak to your C and let her know the full extent of what went on too - Im sure she would like to know
So were they his scales then? If so, then surely everyone's weights could potentially be 'wrong' as they weren't weighed on their usual scales?

I would speak to your usual C on her return and see if there's anything you and she can do, as this man does not sound very professional, regardless of his weight and personal hygiene :(
Im glad you all see my point.. like you all say its not even his weight so much.

If he'd have been very smartly dressed and had a genuine enthusiasm, it may have been different but i was honestly gobsmacked that this bloke felt he had a right to stand up in front of a class and teach on healthy eating. We all have our own journeys and as iv said, he may ahve lost weight already etc.. but he wasnt just a little bit chubby, he was VERY overwieght, and most importantly struggled for breath when speaking. as iv said my C isnt skinny, shes proberly still classed as 'overwieght' but she is healthy and can speak without stopping to pause for breathe because its too much on her chest.

Im NOT looking forward to next week.

and he had the cheek to say ' surly you dont want to be any SKINNIER!'

How dare you call me skinny, in my book thats as disrespectful as me calling him fat. Still bigs me that some feel it OK to comment on small peoples weight but most are more senstive to those who are overweight ( well us nice people anyways!)


yep the scales were registering 1lb even when no one was on them. So god knows.

I just think the whole money thing was cheeky also, and i know for a fact they have a 24hour helpline they can ring direct from class for quick help on the new equipment. So he COULD have changed my weight. he just wanted extra money. I was just pleased to see he'd respected my C's wishes and not put out his new mags, as she would have ended up making no money what so ever and had loads of mags with no one to sell too.
Fern- it's so refreshing to hear someone say that about people commenting on how skinny you are. Since losing weight I get it all the time and frankly find it completely rude. I feel like turning around and saying how dare you judge me and criticise me e.g. saying i'm "too skinny" or "surely YOU don't want to lose any more weight". People have no idea how hard it has been for me to get to this size! Yes i'm a size 8 now and didn't have a tremendous amount to lose in the first place but I don't see why that gives people the right to criticise! GRRR. Rant over.
what a nightmare, I could not have stayed as I cannot stand bad smells, and as for the scales registering a pound before any one stood on them, what a cheek! people work hard to lose every single pound so for him to have faulty scales is just not on. Get your money back and let your C reclaim it from him.
You should definitely make sure that your consultant knows all about this when she gets back.

Consultants rely on each other to cover their classes and it is not always easy to find someone. But no consultant wants to come back and find that their holiday replacement has damaged their class and upset their customers! She will have a system through which she can make a complaint if she wants to (I would!) and if you tell her what has happened she can make sure that she does everything she can to put things right (which she won't be able to do if she remains in blissful ignorance.)

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