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Steph's Return to the best diet in the world!!!


Crawling to the finish!
Hi guys, dont think many peeps will remember me in here so ill start from scratch!

2 years ago i managed to get myself from stone to 12 1/2 stone in half a year! I started WW (and I love it!) and got to 11s 4.... then I got pregnant ! haha. After the baby was born I weighed in at 13s 10.5lbs! yikes! I was desperate to get the weight off so I jumped into Lipotrim....Since September on and off VLCD, I got myself down to 11s 2.5lbs :) Today! And as I am now my lowet since 2005... Back to WW to lose the rest and look amazing on my wedding day 1sy July :) Wish me luck!

Off to try to catch up on some diaries :) xxx
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and i am sure you will do well too, if ur frame of mind is good and the little bit of will power, you will loose the lbs.
i think january is a great time to start all these diets, last april may i did the lipotrim for 3 or 4 weeks, and it did give me a boost before the hols, but gradually u can allow yourself to get back into the comfort zone!
so stick with the forum and we'll all do well.:):):)
well come on now - we cant leave everyone in the forum down can we? lol - only jokin, but my friends would even comment if i am in the frame of mind - i'm in. back in 98 joined ww on jan 23 approx at 11.8 and by 1st week of may at 9.3, only one week in that i put up half a pound. so i feel if i did it before i can do it again, over the 10 years have floated between 10 and 11 stone and that was ok but i saw 11.5 on the scales, i felt at only 5'1 i'm too small for the extra weight.
my dad is dead a year sine oct and my mam died june 06 after battling cancer for 19 months, so that was about 4 years caring for them and grieving time, i feel now i'm back on form for me time, and they are prob helping me along anyway.

ranting over for the minute. :wave_cry:


Crawling to the finish!
hi, sory to hear about your parents. I agree WW is a great diet I know it can be done, its just having the patience;)

I think Friday will be my new official weigh day (at home), but im not hping for much next week as switching from a VLCD, I think I want to just stay the same! haha! x
hello, wow youve done great so far!!

goodluck for friday hun!

suz x
Woo hoooo!! She's back!!! :) :) :)

Good luck my little lovely!! Though you did forget to mention that you already look amazing and can already get your SIZE 10 wedding dress zipped up (I am literally shaking with jealousy here, lol).

But good luck with your last little bit - you'll have it off in no time!

x x x x x x


Crawling to the finish!
Thanks everybody, I love mini's! I am a serial recommender lol!

Lea, dont get too excited....The dress zip only goes passed my belly button, it was the lace at the back that was a problem! lol! no back on show anymore thank god!! so now its just a case of making the 'V' from the zip turn into a nice line :)

Im not quite on WW yet....I didnt eat last night, and couted my VLCD packs and had 5 days worth, so decided to stick it out until theyre gone as I am DESPERATE to see a ten on the scale other than after 11, 12 or 13 :) Im holding on for dear life, then following my heart on the WW plan! lol.... Im counting the minutes! Although I do think I will struggle to eat so much coming off this diet?! I always feel guilty for eating a piece of fruit lol! xx


Crawling to the finish!
well its about time for an update! Ive just decided right now im not finishing my LT pks and back to WW it is! I need to lose a little over a lb per week to hit my target by my wedding day! Im on 21pts a day at the moment, and instead of weighing mysel daily...I switching to weekly! wish me luck again haha! Off to start a food diary! x
Lol, make up your mind!! :rolleyes:

I'm glad you're on WW - maybe save those packs for a special occassion - shed a few lbs in the few days leading up to a night out or something, heehee. I know it won't stay off, because 5 days worth probably isn't enough to keep off any weight, but it's still enough to send you off out feeling good eh :)

Good luck on WW sweetie - you'll be at goal sooo soon and I am SO jealous (as you already know, lol)

x x


Crawling to the finish!
dont hate me cause you aint me lol Just love being you!! Your a fab mummy and you into the diet now so you gotta focus on the good! :) dont worry i gotta stop losing eventually so you will catch up again before you know it!! xx
Haha, I don't hate you, how could I possibly hate you....I'm just insanely jealous of your weight loss, lol.

I will catch up with you....at some point this year, haha


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