SteveM is back!


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Hi guys - finally found where you all disppeared to. I knew that there was a post on the old forum, but took me for ever to find it!!

Anyhoo - I am back. Life has been hell recently.

The latest development are that I have been made redundant, though they are making me work until end of April 2007 :mad:

I seem to have developed sensitivities to caffeine, tomatoes, yeast, dairy, wheat, apples, and oranges. Now the dairy I pretty much knew about as milk picked a fight with me every time I drank it, and oranges I knew because Mini told me !! But, I have a few more now!

I went on holiday and put on weight, going up from 11.6 to 12.6 .... but I have been losing slowly and am now back down to 11.9

I want to get back to 11.0 which is where I was after I had lost all my weight. It freaked me out a little how easily I put weight back on again, but I am reasonably sure that was because I was drinking alcohol whilst I was on holiday, whereas I tend not to the rest of the time.

The losses are going VERY slowly indeed - though I am registering a loss each week. Last week I lost only 0.2 lbs, but I suppose it is still a loss.

I am finding it so tough this time to shift a few pounds. I even did sole source for a week and lost just 0.6 lbs - that was so depressing!!

Anyway, I am back, and I am fighting. I will lose those 9 lbs, and I will find another job. Not so sure I can be bothered to find one in IT though .....

I suppose I should have added that I am now on CD (obvious I suppose as this is where I posted), but you will all remember me as being on LL, but no more. I jumped ship before I went on holiday.

Hello buddy!!

Welcome back and you'll be back at goal in a blink.

hey steve

good to see ya!! sorry to hear you're going thru a tough time - we've all been there on the redundancy thing and mostly it's a blessing in disguise!! I'm sure you find something v soon - and you've got lots of time to decide where you wanna go next!!!

i agree that maintaining weight is so v v difficult - i've had mad binges every week and the result is that i'm 10lbs over target grrrr! But just had my first weekend without bingeing so i'm hoping i've turned a corner!!!

welcome to the site mate, it's much better than dh!!!
Hi Steve,

Where are you based? I work for a company after an IT manager and IT specialist in Digital media.
IF it's any help its in the west country.
As to the weight thingy, as Mr Moose says you will be there in no time. Mini just posted about the demon drink and those extra pounds. I expect we will all have to be careful from now on.

Best wishes

Hello Stevie-boy! I thought it was you!

It's great to see you here, hun!!! So sorry to hear about the job - that must have been gutting for you - but I think you've done brilliantly on keeping a handle on your weight!!! So well done for that!!!


Last time I shrank from 18st 5lb down to a much more acceptable 10st 12lb at my lowest, a total overall loss of 7st 7lbs (or 105 lbs if my maths is right), but then I slowly crept up to 11st 6lbs during Management and then stabilised for 3 or 4 months.

Then I went on holiday!

I am now 11st 9lb, so theoretically I only have 3 lbs to lose to be back where I was, but I have set myself to goal of 9 lbs, because I like a challenge :) though I seem to be finding this tough at the moment.

BTW, as Jacky R asked ...


Based in Swindon Wilts, and have 23 years IT experience. Can program in all-sorts, C, C++, JavaScript, VB (MCSD), ASP, etc etc, but my primary skills for the past few years have been PeopleSoft HRMS, SQR, Oracle, SQL ..... so probably am not the right candidate for a Digital Imaging job ... though I did teach myself C in 3 days when I had to and was writing device drivers on the 4th day!! :) so I am a quick learner!!

Hey steve! Ive not met you before but welcome back anyway! Sorry to hear about your job..but you have stayed really strong! How brilliant!