Sticky chicken?


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Hi all,

Finding meal times a struggle, like tonight, I wanted to cook the sticky chicken and just have it with salad but my partner who absolutely does not need to lose weight would want something more substational and the chicken looks a bit dry, don't think could have it with rice.

Anyone know what else we could have it with?
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are you on EE? You can have rice or maybe cous cous? And please tell me how do you make sticky chicken sounds yum? x


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S: 13st11.0lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st12lb(6.22%)
Yes on EE :) Rice would be good but would be nice if there was a sauce to go with it. Boiled plain rice is quite bored! The Sticky Chicken is on the SW website hun, I just seen it and thought it looked lush!

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I make this one regularly & its lovely!!!


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What about savoury rice? Boil with a chicken stock cube in the water and add some peppers, onion etc...


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Would anyone mind providing me with a link to the recipe?


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Batchelors savory rice are free - Most of them any way - Only 49p at the moment in ASDA I belive. i take them to work with my and do them in the microwave.


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I was thinking about cooking this tomorrow with potato wedges and salad. You would then have some dressing or something if you weren't bothered about the syns. Never made it but I don't think it'll be dry?