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Still Get hungry after 3rd Week

Hey all,

I have been on the SS CD for about 3 week, so far so good! Shakes and soups are starting to get slightly boring - but have my goal in my head - and trying to stick to it.

Only bad thing I have done is have coke zero every now and then, just to have something different.

However, my tummy makes those hunger noises, which seems strange – I am missing food BIG TIME!

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I am drinking the recommended water requirements, and having Psyllium Husk for last few days to help my digestion system.

Thank you in advance!
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Hello Supastar,

I think you have really done well to go three weeks without food. I started CD on 13th of feb and cheated a couple of times. I really struggle with the weekends. I have been off the diet for two weeks though due to a few health problems. Just keep it up as i was still hungry by the third week. I lost 20 pounds. I restarted CD yesterday and I am really struggling today. My CDC said it is alright to have 1 can of coke zero a day so I guess its ok. I really need some encouragement so I need a buddy as well.

will let you know how my first week goes as my weigh in will be on Monday.
Hey Sister,

I suppose the only way I have got through to week 3 - is I keep thinking, it is ONLY for a few months - then I can have my KFC... I try to remember that this is only for a short period of time in my life! I did CD 2 years ago for a couple of weeks, and stopped cos I was on strong medicine! But, it is hard - but taking each day as it comes!!!! Keep going!!

How much do you have to lose?
Hi Supastar.
Are you on 3 or 4 CD packs a day? and how tall are you? If you are over 5'8 (female) or a man then you should be having 4 packs. Sorry your user name dosen't indicate whether you are male or female...
I would ditch the coke zero as it can make you hungry.
Chewing gum can also make you hungry too, if you chew for too long.
Also, are you having enough water? Sometimes its worth having a hot drink, black coffee or bouillon or having a hot pack to take the rumbles off.
You can also split your packs into 6 smaller meals if it helps.

I am female and 5ft 7ins... I will avoid the coke, and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks for the advice

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