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Still not in Ketosis

Can someone give me some advice, I'm now on day 12 and still not in ketosis. I have done several ketostix at various times of the day and the colour wont budge - I know it's not a dud pack as they work for other people. I know in theory that as long as I lose weight it shouldn't matter but the thing is that it does mean that quite often I am very hungry, also this must mean I am not burning fat?

I haven't had a single thing I'm not supposed to and am drinking the right quantities of water and only decaff coffee. Anyone got any ideas?

Has anyone else has this problem? :cry:
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I know from what my LLC said that some people never show up the pink colour of ketosis properly. But if you are in ketosis you shouldn't feel hungry. Are you using mouth spray or mouth wash at all? Some brands aparently can contain citric acid which can knock you out of ketosis. In know it might be hard but it might be worth cutting out your coffee all together, and your bars and just having 4 shakes or soups a day and ll your water. Just to give you that kick start. Are you feeling poorly too? Like in the first few days, I think its bizzare it's taking that long. Have you asked your LLC about it?
Yes I did mention it to her but she really wasn't all that helpful and just said everyone is different. The thing is I can fight against the hunger but do you think it will affect my weight loss in the long term if I am not buring fat. Also if I'm not buring fat... what am I burning... I'm running on fresh air lol...help xxx


Striving for slimness
yeah to be honest when another girl in my group asked this to my LLC she wasn't that helpfull either, she just said it doesn't always show up. As you say you can't be running off nothing so you're either burning up your fat or you still have glycogen left, and I think your 11lb first week loss shows all your glycogen is gone. It is possible that your body is taking it's time to go fully into ketosis, but you may well be in it lightly (if that makes any sense) As you haven't passed out or anything your body is running off something and as I said 11lbs off will be all your glycogen I'd say. Your hunger could be the shock to your body, I still get rumbly tummy even after 8 weeks, but it's your head not your body. Id say do what I suggested and try just the packs not the bars, and see what your weight loss is like this week. If it's good, you know you are in ketosis.

Please don't give up though, stick to your guns and do what you have to do to get through these crappy first weeks, I laid in bed loads, when I wasnt at work I was in bed away from food and pampering myself. I think you'll be ok...when's your weigh in?
Thanks Donna... next weigh in is Tuesday. I guess I wait and see what the result is then maybe cut out the bars if I don't lose. Maybe I shouldn't get so hung up about the stick being pink... maybe it wont make any difference.
Sometimes if you are drinking a lot the ketones are so diluted they do not register on the sticks.

Also if you test shortly after a shake or bar or after drinking again you could get a negative reading.

Best time to test is first thing in the morning before you have anything at all to drink, the ketones will be stronger then.

If you are sticking completely to the diet, which I am sure you are, you cannot fail to burn fat.

Deb G

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Ketostix can only detect one type of ketone, and the body can produce two. You're probably just producing the ones that don't show up. Judging by your weightloss, you're in ketosis - so don't worry.
Hi Madam... and I can see you lost loads so well done. How much did you lose in Foundation?
thanks...will let you know how weigh in goes tomorrow


Striving for slimness
hey PB! Greetings from silly oclock in the morning...just finished night shift. Just thought I'd say good luck in your weigh in today! Let me know how it goes and as always stay strong through those awful hunger pangs! x
thanks... weigh in is tonight...my fingers are crossed for a good result :D

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