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Stopped cambridge..


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Well having lost all my baby weight to the pound, my husband and I had a positive pregnancy test last night so we're expecting number 2! I'd done a week of 810 but, obviously, I need to come off cambridge so it's healthy eating from here on in!

What can I expect in terms of weight changes over the next week or so? I won't have anything from the pregnancy yet so it would all be to cambridge - what ever it will be will be, I can't change it but it would be nice to know what to expect!

Also, I still have 22 tetras, should my cdc take them back? I asked her on the phone just now, she had a client turn up as she was answering me but she didn't sound too keen on taking them back?
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Sunshine Singer

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Congratulations!!!! :)

CDC's don't have to refund but you have a very good reason so hopefully there won't be a problem. Maybe one day you'll be her client again and hopefully she'll see that. good luck x


looking to make a change!
congratulations what lovely news! xx


WILL be Slim!
aw many congratulations hun!
The weight gain depends on how you eat now, if you can do it gradually reintroducing food then the glycogen shouldnt be too rapid....but to be honest, 5lbs on now, or 5lbs on in a week wont hurt!
You've done so well hun! Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy! :D

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Many congrats on your pregnancy. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if your CDC didn't take them back. If you don't want to drink them (and appreciate it's probably also the cost as well!), ask her if she'd swap them for something you would still have...


please try again
according to the recipts i get with my products you can have a refund with in 2 weeks of purchase

congratulations on your pregnancy
congratulations! thats fantastic
here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy x
Congratulations hun, thats fantastic news. You've got a very good reason to keep up the healthy eating though! Do let us all know how you are doing and how baby bump is getting on.....Oh oh, broodiness alert! xx


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Congratulations on little darling no 2 Sunflowers!!!! :D:D:D
Congratulations, thats fab news!


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Hehe! Congrats again Sunflower!

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