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Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
....For a while.

Seeing my CDC next week for the last time until the new year, i've decided not to try to lose anymore weight for a while. Over the past months i have lost & gained the same half stone, whenever i tell anyone i want to push the scales & lose another stone i get the same answer "From where?". Maybe it's time to start listening to others, maybe my body is happy at this weight after all i have now got a BMI of 25 & a size 12 bottoms & size 14 top.

Maybe it's now time to except my body & learn to be happy with it?! My hubby is....lol

I don't want to give up the packs completely as i still hate eating breakfast & having a daily Tetra in the morning will deal with that. So i'll will be seeing my CDC in the new year mainly just for maintance, to keep my weight in check. so for now my thoughts on losing more weight is 'if i do, i do! If i stay the same that's great'

Obviously i'll still be visiting minimins, it's you guy's that keep me on track!!!!

Love ya all.....xxxx
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Hi angel,

I think you look gorgeous and what a difference with the person you were before. I don't know if the inside changed too but you're really a beautiful woman and a great inspiration.

Hi Fuzzys Angel

I think you're doing the right thing for you. You've lost loads and done really well. I'm doing the same, I am eating again and although I'd like to lose another half stone, I think I need to take a rest. I'm still eating CD bars tho and seeing my CDC. Good luck with it.
Mandi, I think your amazing. you have done fantastic. You are listening to your body and mind and doing what feels right for you.
Best of luck, your an inspiration !
Hiya Mandi, you know we all think you're amazing don't you? :D You've come so far and I think you're making the right decision, you look fantastic as you are. I personally don't think you need to lose any more weight hun, but I think you should start trying to accept all the compliments that are rightly coming your way - whoever they come from, supermarket weirdo included lol - but especially from those who know and love you most, your hubby and your family. :D

I know some people find it hard to accept compliments - me included lol. I was complimented on my weightloss loads of times and every single time I found myself thinking negatively and saying things like "Oh I've still got loads left to lose" "I've got flab instead of fat now" etc. I still find it very hard to believe that I deserve compliments, I tell myself I don't deserve them even though I know I do. :rolleyes::confused:

So I'm gonna start the ball rolling..............:D

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Thank you for your lovely kind words, it really means alot to me...xxxx

I was completely shocked this week i lost 2lbs without even trying :eek: :eek:, no idea how i done it! also it's TOTM. Hubby must be right, he said that by giving myself a dieting break & not thinking about it at all the last little bit of weight would probably go by itself as i wouldn't be stressing about it. Of course me being me, thought he was talking a load of bull but hey, after osing 2lbs this week maybe he is right?!

Not seeing my CDC now until 9th Jan so i need to be a good girl :D

Once again thank you for your wonderful kind words...xxx


Fed up of being fat
You have done great, look great and definitely another one of my inspirations.


Silver Member
I also think you look gorgeous and you have done so well. Its funny how our minds still play tricks on us even when we have lost the weight. We still believe that we need to lose the weight but our bodies tell us otherwise, a difficult task getting the two to marry up.
An inspiration to a lot of people:D

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