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  1. harji

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    planning to stop smoking from tommorow, i know i will need help therefore i have an appointment with pharmacist tonight about the products available. Sainsbury's was doing an offer on the nicorette inhaler so on Saturday decided to buy them, got to the counter the very nice lady advised me that if i made an appointment with the pharmacist the inhaler will cost me nothing saving me in the region of £15-£20 per week, brilliant.
    Anyway just wanted to know is this allowed while doing LT, also what other people have used to stop smoking.

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    Ooh, that sounds like it may well come in useful. I didn't realise that if you spoke to the pharmacist about it all you didn't have to pay for it... I'm quitting myself, been 11 days officially since my last cigarette and some days are much easier than others. Good to see that you are motivated enough to do it rather than being one of those people who says they'll quit next month... or the month after... you get where I'm going with this.

    Oh dear, rambling on again!

    My point was that I imagine it's allowed on LT as it's just nicotine isn't it? Not completely sure but as you're allowed to smoke on LT I don't see why you couldn't use the inhaler thing.

    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    phone the NHS quit line , think its free help there.
    Your allso dieting while stopping smoking , hey you will go nuts haha
  5. thefutureisbright

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    Promise of congruency...

    I started smoking when i was 13 :eek: smoked like a tropper through uni, stopped smoking a few times but never lasted for more than a few months.... last year i stopped for 9 months after hypnotherapy.

    I stopped smoking on April 1st, so 2.5 months now but this time I really believe I wont smoke again.

    I realised that I was bored off listening to myself say im going to do this and im going to that... and then not following through to the end. Loosing weight, stopping smoking... etc. etc. Anyone who knows me will have heard me say time and time again... Im going to stop smoking (then a few months later im back on the smokes) or I would tell everyone that I am on a diet (only to get 2 takeaways the next week).... you get my drift...

    Anyway, I just decided that from now on what I say I do. I dont want to be the type of person who says something and people roll their eyes and go yeah yeah... :rolleyes:

    I want to be the type of person that when I say something people take notice and know that I mean business!

    Stopping smoking and loosing weight are the 2 things I have promised myself that I am going to do 100% forever.

    Once I achieve both of these goals I know that I will feel very proud and everyone I know will be wowowowowow..... she did it!

    And then the next time I say I am going to do something... well everyone will know i mean it. And even more important - I will know I mean it - and I will believe I will do it! :)

    I have made giving up smoking such a big thing in my head, that I just cannot smoke. Even if i do feel tempted, as soon I think im tempted my brian is like NOOOOO, YOU CANT! So immediately I stop myself.

    I think to stop smoking you need to have a BIG REASON. To loose weight you need to have a BIG REASON.

    You need to associate more pain to smoking and pleasure to not smoking. When you smoke you associate pleasure to smoking and pain to giving up, you need to turn this around.

    Everyone's reasons are different, you got to find your own reasons as mine probably wont work for you, or someone elses wont either.

    I think stopping smoking is mind over matter, all the products in the world wont help you stop smoking in the long term unless you have got a good enough reason in your own mind not to do it!

    Good luck with it... I think its a great idea to do both at the same time, it takes extra courage and willpower - but if you can achieve this then you can achieve anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    You need to associate more pain to smoking and pleasure to not smoking. When you smoke you associate pleasure to smoking and pain to giving up, you need to turn this around.
    Good wording
  7. lillie

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    i stopped smoking whilst doing LT and it was the best idea i had had (except LT of course)stopping while not eating you cant gain weight,i used the patches for the first few days but then thought if i can stop eating which you need to do then sod it i can do without the fags!! well its beennearly 6 weeks and to be honest its been really easy ,i had a week where i didnt lose as much as normal as stopping can alter your metabolism slighty but it has been well worth it not only am i nearly 6 stone lighter i dont smell like an old ashtray and i feel so much more healthy than i have done in years,you can get nicotine replacement on prescription,i got my patches when i picked up my LT,good luck xx
  8. kazzymc

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    Good luck with the stopping smoking i quit 2 years ago and its one of the best things ive ever done

    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    Think most people use fags as a stress buster than enjoyment , do you find ?
  10. mama267

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    i gave up a year ago and have put on 2 stone but i knew it was time to give up a went to a hypnotherapist and not touched one since. you have to be in the right frame of mind too and really want it. go for it we will all support you
  11. 2005pinkpig

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    Hi Congratulations on your weight loss and deciding to quit the habit!! It's stopping smoking that got me into this mess but it's so worth it. I did it cold turkey and I've never looked back. If you've got the will power to stick at LT then this should be a breeze. Good Luck xx
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