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Discussion in 'CD Weekly Weigh In' started by blond123, 22 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. blond123

    blond123 Member

    Wow am well chuffed first nights weigh in and I lost just over 12lb in my first week yippee, all the hard work is paying off!!:)
    how is everyone doing has anyone else had a good loss today or this week? Xx

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  3. stacey_x01

    stacey_x01 Member

    Well done that's fab I had my first weigh in today to and lost 14 lbs so happy so I know how chuffed u are ur feel great xx well done xx
  4. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Well done to both of you, fantastic losses xx
  5. blond123

    blond123 Member

    Wow we'll done and thank you roll on Tuesday for 2nd weigh in xx
  6. stacey_x01

    stacey_x01 Member

    Good to see we are doingbit and weighing in the same day we will get there ;) xx
  7. RudaAli

    RudaAli Full Member

    very well done
  8. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    That's amazing ladies! Well done!
  9. tor137

    tor137 Full Member

    Well done ladies !
  10. missfortune

    missfortune Member

    hi all I just started on ss today im a bit nervous for my first weigh in I wanna see a big number to keep me motivated just worried I wont :S
  11. Knkse5

    Knkse5 Member

    I promise you that if you stick to it you will lose lots the first week :) I lost 6lb in my first week and 4lb a week the following two weigh ins. I've already gone down a dress size (nearly two if I really breath in lol)

    Stick at it and you will do great!
  12. blond123

    blond123 Member

    Stacey how's it going? Hope it's going well roll on weigh day think when you lose it helps u get through the next week xx
  13. Nomorecakes

    Nomorecakes Full Member

    Well done ladies, it's fantastic you have such big losses! I've stuck to it completely and lost 5lbs and then 3lbs and I weigh in tomorrow, they aren't the massive amounts I thought though and I don't know why but when i was on ww I only ever lost between .5 and 1lb a week so I guess it's how my body works?
  14. missfortune

    missfortune Member

    I promised myself I would wait until weigh day and not check throughout the week and that's killing me I just wanna have a sneaky look but im excited for the weigh in even though im only on day three now I have been really good - went to the cinema with my niece and she had popcorn and chocolate followed by a mc ds and I didn't have any just stuck with my water. so if nothing else im proud of that :).
  15. Nomorecakes

    Nomorecakes Full Member

    Yes I did the cinema twice in the Easter break and I love popcorn but like you I had my water lol! Aren't we good lol! I'm sure you will get good results and try to stay off the scales, it is hard, you want to see all the hard work paying off!
  16. missfortune

    missfortune Member

    we are very good well done us!!! :) was my first day back in work and I was struggling for the first time I just want to see if there is a change I don't feel like is not yet anyway but it is only day 4 for me.

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