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Stopping when full

I've got back into the terrible habit of eating everything on my plate - because I have pointed my meal and I don't want to waste points!

How do I get around this as I don't want to be eating a lot less points than I have accounted for but at the same time I don't want to eat for the sake of it!
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I only really use full fat anyway! (apart from milk, i still have semi)

I normally weigh everything separate not as a whole.

Think of it like this: spaghetti bolognese, I've got 60g of pasta - 6pp, veg, mince - 6pp. Once it's all mixed together how do I know how many points I have eaten and how many left? Do I just write them off or just guess at the portion eaten?


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As long as you measure everything before it goes in and divide (eg divide recipe into 4, then point as a 1/4 of total) as fairly as you can there's no need to be THAT exact.

Are you eating a lot of free food?

If you started recently it may be that you need to let your body adjust and eat less free food than normal, then eat more when you feel ready. I totally agree that its important not to eat for the hell of it, but its also important to eat your points as your body will feel nutritionally starved and your metabolism will drop if you let it go on for more than a week. :)


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serve up about 2/3 of your dinner and zap the rest in the micro a few hours later?
maybe have less of the main meal and serve a side like some ww garlic bread? (well for spag bol anyway)
smaller meal and some toast and jam at supper time to bulk out the points. << thats my eeek loads of points left fix ;)


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If you have pointed and allowed for it, eat it! I always clear my plate! If I wanted less points, I would reduce my portion accordingly :)


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use smaller plates!
It's not every meal, I'm not over eating so small plates wont work...plus I'd feel deprived eating off a side plate when everyone else is eating off "normal" plates, thats why I chose weight watchers, so I can eat what everyone else is and not feel like I cant have thing.

It's just every now and again. I dont want to carry on eating when I'm full just so I can use all the points but I'm not sure how to work it out other wise.


I can haz cake?
S: 280lb C: 249.0lb G: 208.5lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 31lb(11.07%)
Hmm its a tough one. Maybe try including "expensive" food in your diet... stuff that's not neccesarily unhealthy but more points dense (like baked beans)? I dunno what you are eating but maybe try having a slightly smaller portion (like 3/4s of the norm) and having the points you didn't eat as a wee treat later on?

I like the idea of eating some then reheating later...

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