Strangest Binge Ever!


This is it!
Hi All

I'm nearly at the end of week 23 of CD and I've just binged on the weirdest thing....Splenda! My friend brought some over last week in this huge jar, and forgot to take it with her. I have just managed to consume most of the jar. I am incrediably stressed at the moment, but can honestly say even in my hey days I never binged on sweetner.

God help me.
Hi girls

I used to like powdered milk. I guess I'd still like it too. It started when I was a child.

Dizzy x
oooohhhh, bet your in the toilet now!!! It isd a strange one but when I first saw the thread I wondered if it would be soap or maybe a dogs leg!!!
Once I ate (crunched) a pack of those sugar free sweets (during a very boring meeting at work) - I did pay the price with the laxative effect though I've experienced far worse:eek: :eek:

I guess you are craving a sweet taste. Hope you don't suffer too much today with it.
This made me laugh :D

The thing is if you weren't on this crazy diet and eating normally you probably wouldn't have dreamed of "treating" yourself to a big jar of splenda...:D :D

It's not the sort of thing you say on a cosy Saturday night in "Oh I'm going to treat myself to a nice big jar of splenda.." :D

What makes us do it then when we're dieting :confused: On a serious note, I'd love to get behind the mindset of why we do do these things.:) Why at times do we just grab whatevers to hand, like our kids leftovers (which by the way is my biggest temptation :eek: ).