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stress is pushing me over the edge

i had a really stressful day yesterday and i really just wanted something to eat i didnt succumb even thou my whole family got chipper i just enjoyed the smell of the curry sauce weirdly i really love it.

we just got 2 new labrador puppies so ive been up since 7 looking after them after a very stressful day yesterday of having a **** day at work then rushing to get all the essentials for the new pups(weren't meant to take them home til today). Im so hungry and even thou its stupid i want food wen im stressed. I think its a good thing i figured this out coz i never realised i ate when i was stressed.

although i havnt eaten anything yet i think i really need someone to tell me not to eat. i keep reading of people having some chicken or a salad wen they felt down but i dont want to do that im an all or nothing girl so i know dat wouldnt work for me.

ive just got my water from the shops ( cant drink tap water where i live) so im hoping that might fill me up. but tiredness is getting to me and i feel like im gonna cry every sec.

im due my period but i never knew i had symtoms like this prob coz the sugar rush numbed them out.

i really want to continue but at the moment the fruit on the table looks so tempting.
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I will be skinny again!!!
Dont let it ruin your diet!

Hang in there! get out of the house and steer clear of food!
I know how u feel hun, i hve a stinking cold and my throat feels like there are razor blades in it, this is the first time since i started LT that ive felt hungry. but im trying not to give in let's be strong together.

kaijo, i was reading your posts this morning i hope you feel better. im trying to see it as just another obstacle. but its hard and i cant leave the house because of the puppies .

hopefully we will be back to normal in a few days preferably tomorrow. :)


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nooooooo dont

I took a week off and that nearly killed me. it was soo hard to get back into it. You have done great so far so dont ruin it hun.

The funny thing is, the feeling is going to pass. Some days we are good and happy and other days we are just soooo crappy. Put a picture of yourself at your heaviest or of one that you hate because of the weight and concentrate on that. The food will still be there when you are done with the diet.
I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time - new dogs are a nightmare, aren't they? After about ten minutes of thinking they're adorable you're in for at least several weeks of wondering if you actually want them around & then, of course, you wouldn't want to be parted, but...

Please don't eat! I'm an all or nothing person too & know that if I took so much as a bite of something I'd probably never be able to do TFR again, it is definitely a slippery slope & will really damage your determination, even if it doesn't impact too greatly on your weight loss.

This is a learning curve - you can identify when you feel you need to eat so you can be much more aware when you start to eat again - I think that's a great thing, so maybe try to look at it that way?

Good luck :)


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