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Stretch marks


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errrrrrrrrrr my nasty red ones have gone silver??!! Think I'm doomed to keep the silver ones though.......nowt I can do to get rid of them.:(


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I hate them......you wont really get rid of them without surgery, they do fade to a silvery colour as Coley said.


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Does bio oil work on the silver ones coz the bottem of my back looks like a page from the london underground map


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
nah......I use bio oil and it makes me feel all nice....but still the marks are there. Not so bad though. A little reminder of my war against the fat!!!

I scar and stuff really easily though so some people who heal better might have more of a reduction in them? Not so sure!!:confused:



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I have some stretch marks that lead from my buttocks to about 2 inches over the top of my pants - these have been there since I was a teenager and although they have gone a silvery colour and have faded, I am still very aware of them. I know they will always be there. I also have some stretch marks on my stomach below my belly button from being pregnant - I only gave birth 6 months ago, but am amazed at how quickly they have changed from angry red lines to very difficult to see marks. It does seem to be improving as I lose weight as well. I was so upset with them as I thought I would never be able to wear a bikini, but I think I will be more concerned about the marks on my back!

I guess some just fade better than others!


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Oh, and as for Bio-Oil, I used it all the way through my pregnancy and very smugly told anyone who would listen that I had no stretch marks - until 3 weeks before I gave birth and was covered in them! Bah!

I have also used Bio-Oil on a nasty burn scar I had on my hand and arm - I had third degree burns from hot oil, and as soon as the wounds had healed I used Bio-Oil three times a day. Now you can't tell I was ever burned, unless I get a tan! Excellent stuff for scars.
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:( thanks guys!! much appreciated

tut at me thinking i could be in a bikini soon :( i will never be able to do it now *sobs*


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Never say never! I bet nobody would even bat an eyelid at a skinny girl with a few stretch marks!! (That is what I keep telling myself!) :rolleyes:

Besides, a tan always makes them stand out less. :D


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Just to post results of the show 'How to look good naked'.

In they test they did they found that the testers were most happy with the cheapest product.

Palmers Cocoa Butter (I think it's called that!)£4.99

next pleased with Bio Oil £8.99

not impressed with the lotion that was £74.99 and even less impressed with the most expensive product which was over £130 a pot.

The testers didn't know which product they were using. They also pointed out that the testers were not hugely satisfied with the results of any of the creams. I think they gave it a percentage satisfaction around 40%.

So in conclusion worth using an inexpensive lotion but do not expect the results to be staggering.

Dizzy x

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