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WOW...3 10s for Ricky, well deserved! I loved that! I've tended to be really critical of him previously because when people are clearly really great at it, I feel sorry for the others! LOL! But he totally aced that.

I still can't stand Natalie Cassidy. She gets right on my knockers.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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It's a bit of a shock Zoe going out. Didn't think that the frocks were up to much either. It seems to have lost it's sparkle this year.
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I agree Natalie is starting to really really annoy me, has that girl got NOTHING else to talk about apart from her weight.?
In the little clips they show you about how they got on during the week, she ALWAYS talks about her weight..... FFS talk about something else will you.?
And I am SO shocked at Zoe going out, and I dont think the right people were in the bottom 2, I mean come on Ali and Zoe.???? Im very shocked.....but I still love this show, 100% superior to the x factor.....


Slow but sure....
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How on earth did Zoe and Ali get into the dance of? It was such a shock.....

I expected it to be Craig and Natalie last night, although Craig was better doing a ballroom dance, Natalie threw everything into the jive as she does with all her dances, but I thought her arms and legs were a bit all over the place last night.

I have a feeling Ali thought the end had come for her because she didn't even try to get her shoes on to do the dance off - but the poor girl danced well I thought the first time around, even though that bruised toe must have been so painful with every step she took - and Brian didn't want to put her down did he? Ahhh, is it love!!!

I never thought I would say this but Ricky Groves (Eastenders) looked quite 'fit' last night, Daniel Craig he ain't - but he looked good!!

My fave dance of last night was Ricky Whittle's quick step - it was brilliant - but not sure if he should have got 3 10's this early in the series.......but then I am not a judge.

I thought Laila looked as beautiful and elegant as ever last night again.

I'm so sorry Zoe went out, she was robbed......but this is SCD I suppose.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Oh Donnie! Slapper tendencies to the fore? No Ricky from EE is SO not fanciable! But he is very likeable. I can see what Hannah Waterman sees in him. He's a nice guy. The other Ricky however is HOT! Even in the ballroom! (now MY slapper tendencies are apparent!))
I do however nurse a fancy for a weekend with Anton!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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ah Donnie I am of a certain age too! Not old enough to lose interest in nice young men entirely but I hate to think I would catch up with one if I chased him! I did enjoy watching the UK cycling team in their lycra this afternoon tho! Chris Hoy has the most wonderful thighs!!!!!!!!!
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
lol you two!!! You're making me chuckle... Gawd help those young men if you ever get your hands on them.


Trying again!!!
I agree with Hellie and Debs, I cannot stand Natalie Cassidy and as Debs posted she just can't resist bringing up her weight everytime she is interviewd, grrrrr! I really liked Zoe, I preferred her to Ali tbh. Am liking Jade, Ricky Whittle (what a body!!) and Chris for some strange reason. I think Ola has a fantastic figure, mind you her costumes certainly show it off!! Roll on Sat night! xx

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