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  1. gobubbles

    gobubbles Live the dream...


    How does your counsellor structure your weekly sessions?

    I'm slightly disappointed with mine, as every week my LL group spends over an hour in the waiting room doing nothing much while each of us is being weighed. Then the counselling session itself is rushed and feels more like a lecture with little or no time for exploring our individual feelings and experiences. I could just watch the DVD and do the homework at home and achieve the same...

    Am I being unrealistic? How do you get the best out of a 2-hour session with up to 12 people in the group?
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  3. ladylite

    ladylite Gold Member

    Well we had 12 and we were all weighed and then watched a video whilst our counsellor made up our packs.

    We then had group sessions. Sometimes it seemed rushed if there were lots of participants. But I really enjoyed our meetings and always seemed to learn something.

    Hope it gets better for you, the first couple of weeks arent very productive as you are getting to know one another.
  4. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    It does take my counsellor a while to weigh us but she makes up for it with the counselling sessions, they are brilliant, even better now I'm on development, we really delve into our mindset and our LLC makes everyone participate so it is quite personal too. Sorry you don't feel that you are benefitting so much:(
  5. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    the bit where you are sitting about not doing much while she is weighing everybody is when you should try and get to know each other, they can be quite productive I found. Swapping tips and talking about things like you do on here.
    It does take a while to settle in though. I am sure it will improve.

    The counselling session does sound like it could be better. Ours is quite balanced with our LLC providing information and us having our individual input as well as having group activities.

    I hope it does get better for you.
  6. toller-girl

    toller-girl constantly confused

    I felt the same as you at the beginning, it felt more like a psychology lecture, but it's starting to get more in depth now.

    I feel like some people talk more than others (I'm one of the ones that talks too much so am wary of not trying to be tooooo me-me-me!)

    I'm a bit more concerned about development, I can't see there being much structure there :character00117:
  7. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

    We weigh/get packs for an hour(ish) - and this is the time where we swap recipes, share our ups and downs from the week etc. Then it was the awful DVD followed by work from the book led by the LLC. I found it useful, but for me it was a springboard for finding out more, so I started buying books to learn more about the things we were touching on in class. It should get better as the weeks pass.
  8. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    In developers and maintenance you still get structured sessions, they are just a bit different.
    Still interesting and thought provoking.
  9. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    Want to know the truth, my session consists of myself and my friend (who is on RTM). So basically just the 2 of us! I have never watched a dvd during any sessions. Have only had 3 counselling sessions in 6 months and thats it.

    Every week when i vist my LLC, we get weighed and collect our food, thast it. Plus I pay my LLC 4 weeks worth of money so she can give me my food packs for the 1 month, (she prefers to do this and I don;t mind either)
  10. Donnalou86

    Donnalou86 Striving for slimness

    Me and toller girl are in the same LL group and I'm with her on this one, it is sometimes a bit phsychy, we did soend nearly an hour sitting while everyone was weighed at first but now the group is smaller it doesn't take as long, we all sit and chat while the dvd is on now! lol. But I have to say I find chatting to the other girls the best part!!! I'm the same though I worry I talk to much about me
  11. toller-girl

    toller-girl constantly confused

  12. zadra

    zadra Full Member

    Slimsea.. that's weird, wouldn't it be cheaper for you go to on CD then? I mean seems like there is no difference and paying 66 just for packs is a bit.. :S
  13. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    I do agree with u zadra, but now have only got my last 3st to lose, i might aswell finish it off with LL now, have lost 7st!
  14. gobubbles

    gobubbles Live the dream...

    Thanks for all your answers. Well, at least we do the counselling bit, which is why I chose LL in the first place. I've suggested to my LLC that we start watching the DVD in the waiting room, so we can get straight into the key learnings & counselling at the end of it. I'm sure it will make a huge difference. She's very good otherwise, and even prepares our weekly bags of foodpacks for us beforehand.

    Btw, don't know what you fellow LL-ers think, but the exercise part of the DVD really sucks... Really feels like a waste of time for me, but then again, I am reasonably active. I can see how it would help somebody who hasn't been exercising in years.
  15. gobubbles

    gobubbles Live the dream...

    Hi all, thanks for all your answers! :) Sounds like my LLC is doing OK. In fairness, she even prepares our weekly foodpacks for us beforehand to speed things up... And we all do the counselling bit too, which is why I chose LL in the first place. I've suggested we start watching the DVD in the waiting room, so at the end of it we can get straight into the key learnings & counselling.

    Btw, what do you guys think of the exercise bits on the DVD? As a reasonably active person, they drive me up the wall! So boring! But I suppose if you haven't exercised in years, they ease you back into physical activity.
  16. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    the only bit that ever interested me was the bingo wing exercises with the band, the rest went in one ear and out the other.

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