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Struggling at the moment


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Hi all

I have been off plan since friday, trying to eat healthy but failing really. had a shake today and loads of water but am still not in the zone. have nibbled on bits and pieces and feeling down about it all. I am in the top 10's now (lower than where i originally thought I would be as my original goal was 11.7). I think being near my new goal of 10stone is making me self sabotage and its getting too much for me. i am on an AI hol in 4 weeks and its all becoming too much....

also, yest i went to a bbq and felt really really fat. dont know why, and have tried to keep reminding myself that i have lost weight, but i still feel fat at the moment.

can anyone give me any words of encouragement?
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hi leeds know just how you feel, I'd been 100% ss+ for 11 days (only lost 6 lbs scales stuck for last 4 days) then on Saturday and today I've been picking WHY? but I am derermined to put it behond me and start afresh, and jsut take it as a weekend off. I think the thing is to carry on and not let it start a huge binge, you've done so well, and lost loads of weight so far so don't beat yourself up.


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You have both done amazingly well - don't spoil it now. Been there, done that and regretted it BIG style. If you can, get back on track and think of that bikini :).

I am struggling really badly today. This is Day 7 SS and get weighted tonight (I think). I think this diet is muddling my mind a bit haha, I started my diet on a Tuesday so do I get weighed on a Tuesday evening or a Monday evening? If I get weighted tomorrow night then that means I will have done 8 days and not 7 - does that make sense haha?

So, absolutely starving at the moment, had a tetra and 2 ltrs. of water and think I am going to have a little lie down to take my mind off food. It's been ages since I did a whole week 100% so I am a bit chuffed with myself. Don't know if I am looking forward to the scales at 6 p.m. though.

Anyway, please try to get over the blips and get back on track. Really, you will regret it if you don't.


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come on girls! you can do it!
you've done really really well and you're an amazing motivation for us!

jump back on track and see how the week flows



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thanks everyone, the replies have really cheered me up. well, i am nt in the 10's anymore and i deserve that. even today, i started ss and have ended up having a 810 day as i ate too much chicken at lunchtime. maybe i needed to get that out of my system because just reading this forum has made me feel all raring to go inside and i fel some of my mojo coming back! i will ss now until saturday and if i sts then i deserve it. however, no more messing around for me, i'm gonna get back in the 10's and STAY there. i get mad at myself because i have not even been hungry these last few day and so have been eating just to spite myself and this diet. rant over, i am back on it 100%%%%%


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Well done hun!! today is my first day SS'ing and im new to the whole CWLP! so reading your posts gives me loads of enthusiasm for my own journey!! as i know its not going to be a easy road to follow but with determination and good people supporting us i know we can all do it!

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