Struggling - Day 4


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I'm on day 4, and I have to admit I'm finding it very difficult. I'm in ketosis, but according to the stick (yesterday evening and this morning) I'm dehydrated - don't know how when I'm drinking approximately 5 litres of water a day.

I also feel really hungry, also don't know why when I'm drinking so much water and in ketosis. And it isn't 'mental hunger', my tummy is rumbling and I feel sick!

Has anyone got any advice to make me feel better? Please? :(
Hi Sparkle
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Day 4 for me was my worst so far I wanted to jack it all in but I didn't I havent.You probs arent in proper ketosis and thats why your hungry,But emotional hunger can be just as bad as physical hunger.Look how cross you'll be if you eat its not worth that 5 minutes of chewing as you'll have to go through those 1st 3 days again????
You can do it hun :D do something write a diary read something surf around here theres loads of support.
are you spacing your water intake out evenly throughout the day? I know that when I was trying to glug all my water early in the day my ketostix were really dark but when I spaced the water out evenly the sticks showed little more than trace! Also if you are really that hungry what about splitting your packs into 6 smaller meals and spacing your packs evenly throughout the day too?
If that doesn't work maybe just for this week have an extra pack until you feel more confident (better to have an extra pack than a takeaway lol)

Good luck hun, hang on in there most people seem to suffer on day 4 (not sure why) but the diet works and your body will soon get with the programme!!!

Day 4 is usually a bad one for most, things will start to ease, I personally dont test for ketosis, if you are doing the diet right it works.

Like mrs Tweedy says, space your water out and relax, your body has to get used to this diet and thats why the first few days are hard.

Your hunger will abate, and you will feel so much better very soon x
Hi Sparkle im also on day 4. I found last night very difficult. All i kept thinking about was food. I was laying in bed thinking ummm what can i eat tomorrow i was planning my breakfast e.t.c. Then it kept dawning on me im on a diet i cant eat. I havent been physically hungry since i've been on the diet, with me its all in my head! I had a rough nights sleep last night i was thinking constantly about eating! I tested my self yesterday arvo and i was one away from the darkest colour. I was told to drink as well cos im probably dehydrated. However a bit of advice i was given was to test forst thing in the morning. I did it again today and it's definitely a shade lighter. So im feeling better.
When im feeling hungry i down a glass of water i feel like my insides are a swimming pool. It really fills me up and the last thing i want is food.
Good luck anyone and well done for so far!
It does get better honest, and you know i have been on this for 87 days now and sometimes my belly rumbles it isnt hunger though cos im not hungry, my cdc always told me it isnt the tummy rumbling that tells you your hungy its the brain that does,
do as everyone has suggested and really your through the worst bit now, good luck
My water is spaced out throughout the day though. I'm generally sipping 2 litres of water from 8.30am - Midday, and then three litres throughout the rest of the day. There's no point where I glug it down to try and catch up or anything.

Laurie - I did test first thing this morning, and it was just as dark... tested an hour ago and it was even darker. Not really sure what's going on.

I don't think this plan is for me, I'm not happy at all - quite depressed really. Maybe I should try SW, or WW instead. I've already lost nearly 50lb on WW, maybe I should have just been patient rather then wanting it to all come off even quicker!?
Started on CD for the 2nd time today - saw my CDC last night who is absolutely lovely and has the patience of a saint with me....

Came off it for just over a month and was shocked last nite to discover I'd put nearly a stone on in that time... sometimes I feel like I only have to look at food.

My other prob is that I have Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome which adds to my weight problem as Obesity a symptom of the Syndrome... happy days..!

Did LL in 2004 and stuck to it rigid and lost 3st 9lb in the 14 weeks (phase 1). First time on CD lost 2st 6lb.

I've vowed this is the last time - have no weight goal but do have 2 short-term goals. One is a ball on 28th Oct (3 wks tmrw) and second is christmas....

Good luck everyone - it's hard but designed to give you quick results so it won't last forever.
Sparkle - day 4 is a killer!!

You can feel just horrendous and very depressed, so give it some time, darling. You WILL feel better, honestly!

My ketostix always registered dark purple - even when I was on 7 litres of water a day - no idea why! Some people get into ketosis and never come out of the beige!

Be kind to yourself today - lots of pampering - dvds, paint your nails, have a long hot bath etc and try to relax as much as possible.

You've done brilliantly on WW - there's no reason why you can't do even better on a vlcd!
Whinge alert!

I'm on day 3 (LL) and I'm bloody starving!

I have no idea whether I'm in ketosis or not - but I certainly hope not. If this is ketosis I'll never last 100 days!

On the other hand I've kind've become resigned to the hunger. I know there's no way I could eat now - my resolve is too strong at the moment. I have a pop in tonight.. so hopefully I'll get some good news - although I can't have lost very much after 3 days AND I've got the painters in and they're double coating everything... I've got terrible cramps! :(