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Struggling - HELP x


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Hi all

what can i say but i'm struggling, VLCD diet is the only diet that has ever worked for me, but 2nd time around i find myself wanting to eat & thinking about food not even sure if i'm hungry, i'm on total solution as i know but adding a meal i will want more ! (i'm all or nothing), any advice will be appreciated.

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I am exactly the same, tv adverts really aren't helping, lol. i know i'm in ketosis an i've lost 6lbs in 2 days but i can't stop thinking about eating and if i do i know thats it, game over. Its so hard :( wasn't this hard the first time unless it was so hurrendous my mind blocked it out!!

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Hi Bronte,

So sorry to hear you're struggling this time round :(

How many days/weeks are you into the diet now?

I can totally relate to being afraid to add a meal in case it leads to overeating etc...

I'm on Day 9 now and tbh I've struggled a bit aswell, mainly craving things in the evening when I sit down to relax and watch some tv.

I know it's hard but I find coming on here and reading some of the success stories really helps to keep me focused and motivated.

I have found though for the past 2/3 days it hasn't been as bad so I think the ketosis has kicked in. Maybe buy some ketostix to check if you're in ketosis or not? Everyone's different I'm sure ketosis prob takes a bit longer to kick in some people.

Also, when you're hungry, maybe try writing a list of why you're doing this; health reasons, to look and feel well etc... food mightn't seem so appealing after reading through your list :)

Also, not trying to sound patronising or anything but is your head in the right place to do TFR atm? I've found before that if my heart and soul isn't in it I can't do TFR no matter how hard I try. I really have to be in the right frame of mind to committ myself to do it.

Hope everything works out for you! :)


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Sorry to hear you are having a tough time Bronte, have you made a list of your reasons for doing it, and a list of how you will feel if you don't stick to it? It is a mind over matter thing and food is just food, it will be there when you have finished. Hope you manage to stick with it as you did so well in your first week.
B xx


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Thank you

Sorry i haven't posted sooner but just want to say a big thank you for all your advice, this forum is so valuable, especially in times of need, I don't what I would do without it. I now believe the reason i was struggling so much is that i hadn't quite got into ketosis, it wasn't until my 8th day when thoughts of food, hunger subsided, I now have bear breath !! & fur tongue !! I'm surprised it took so long to reach ketosis (only took about 4 days when on LL) but i think its all that glycogen i had stored in my liver from all those sweets and carbs over christmas, as i did indulge!! (lol) anyway big thanks to you all.xx


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