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  1. skinnygirl

    skinnygirl Member

    Hi everyone,

    My story so far.....I started Lighter Life mid June last year and stuck to it religiously until the end of October - during that time I lost 4 stone. Since then I have switched to CD and have struggled to sole source ............

    At first it was just small protein treats now and again but now things are really starting to get out of control. So I have decided to have 1 last attempt at getting back to sole source, as I still have 2 stone to lose. Please can you all help and support me.

    So My stats........Sarting weight last June 15stone 9lbs

    lowest weight (Feb 2007) 10st 5Lb

    Weight now....11st 7lb

    Target 9 stone.

    I went to see my CD counsellor last night and she said I just have to focus..................and not allow myself anything other than the packs and water.

    I got home last night with all the resolve to start today then realised I had picked up Toffee & walnut shakes and not have decided to start afreh on Saturday as I need to swap my foodpacks and my CDC cannot see me until tommorrow night.

    I plan to log on everyday to help with the encouragement and support.......

    I really hope you can all help me.

    Thankyou in advance

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  3. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    Good luck with the restart!!!!! :vibes: :vibes: :vibes:

    You've done really well not to put too much back on:)

    You'll do great and everyone on here will be behind you all the way:D

  4. skinnygirl

    skinnygirl Member

    Thanks............I just hope that I can get my head straight and just do it - I have had so many restarts..............

    I guess it boils down to how much I really want it!

    You have done amazingly well!
  5. Pierce

    Pierce Administrator Staff Member

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    moved to Cambridge Diet forum :)
  6. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet

    You can definately do this. The amount you'd like to lose can be lost in a couple of months, and that's just right for the summer.

    You've posted again on here so I think your head is in the right place.

    Thanks for your kind comment. I've read over and over that the first time is the golden time. This is my first time on this diet (been on thousands of others though:sigh: ) So maybe it's my golden time.

    And there are plenty of others on here who have had a couple of attempts and are doing brilliantly.

  7. chaadan

    chaadan Full Member

    I Think If You Just Treat It As A New Start And Try To Get Your Head Into The Way You Were Thinking On The First Week Of Ll.once You Get Over A Few Days And See The Weight Coming Off Again It Will Make You Want To Keep Going,
    Good Luck
  8. EmMUK

    EmMUK Trying Hard!

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    you can do it, you can definitely do it. if you managed to do LL for all those months then 2 months now to loose 2 stone will be a breeze. make some jellies from mix a mousse and flavouring and put them in the fridge for all those pickie moments, that's my top tuip
  9. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    You have hit the nail squarely on the head. If you want it bad enough, you'll do it. I've been there. At the moment I don't think I want it bad enough which is why I'm still a lb overweight.
  10. skinnygirl

    skinnygirl Member

    Thanks to everyone - it is such a big help to talk to people in the samr boat. I am gearing up for my restart on saturday. I will spend some time making my signature etc look allo pretty with all these wonderful tools over the weekend.

  11. Serendipity

    Serendipity Full Member

    good luck! You can do it!
    One day at a time
    S xxx
  12. LEJ

    LEJ Full Member

    Good luck with your restart, you have done amazing so far and you journey will be just as good right to the end, i also keep a diet related diary at home and when i feel the urge to eat i go straight to my diary and just write my thoughts down, and any reason that i might have had for the need to eat, and boy has it shown up some stuff:eek: , I also have a little home made tracker on my fridge with all the days i want to do and at the start there is a little picture of me at my heaviest a picture of me at half way and i know i want to finish with the best picture ever, it also stops me going into the fridge for something to eat as i look at it every time:D Just a few ideas to help i hope. Stay strong and have a good weekend. take care
  13. Joeyroo

    Joeyroo Full Member

    Good luck for saturday!!!

    Eat a round of cheese on toast for me before you start will ya hahaha.
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