Struggling to get started


Hi, I introduced myself here about a week ago. Everyday so far, has been day one. And every day I have caved in to my chatterbox and eaten :mad:
So here I am again -day 1
I have done LL before so I know it works. I know the weight comes off quickly and I know I feel great on the diet (both physically and psychologically). So why oh why do I sabbotage my weight loss by eating rubbish??
It's really getting me down because each day I feel like I've failed. I look in the mirror and hate what I see so why can't I just stick to water and shakes?
Any advice or encouragement gratefully recieved :)
Hi Suki

I can't give you much advice as i'm only on week 2, but just try & think about how good you feel when you start seeing the weight come off. When i started this i thought i'd fail on the 1st few days but after a few years of hating myself i decided i had to stick at it for ME! I weighed in at over 20 stone so obviously liked my food ;) I couldn't imagine a day without food so when i finally got the 1st few days & started feeling better, it was great especially when my 1st weeks loss was 10lbs!!!!!!

Why don't you try making the muffins (if you haven't already) these really help me as it feels like i'm eating something & is quite tasty really

I just keep thinking of the end picture! I have to do this for me & my children.

Clear the cupboards & get going!! You can do this, flipping eck if i can anyone can!

Lorraine xx
Hi Suki, just wanted to show support !! Only on my 2nd day of cd but tried LL for 10 days but couldnt cope with no food at all,do you think this is the same problem for you? not so much you want junk food just 'food' so rather than 'let go' i am on the cd 790 plan which allows me protein and veg for 1 meal a day and i am finding this sooo much better as i have a meal to look forward to in the evening with the family,i know it is early days for me at the moment but i feel so much more positive,just thought this might be another option for you ,its so easy to say stay strong but not always quite so easy in practice anyway wishing you lots of luck,hope to talk again.Sarah xx
Hi suki,

Lavender has a thread on adult/rebellious child/adaptive child

So you might find it refreshing to look over that particular thread seeing how you have done LL before.

I have just been reading it and it makes a lot of sense to me.

I found it hard myself to start back SSing and kept slipping off the wagon.

I began a food diary and it helped me focus and now I am back 3 weeks on Thursday and it is going very well.

Your head does have to be in the right place.

Love Mini xxx
You haven't failed because you start each new day with the determination to succeed. Even if you do eat then you are still consuming less calories than your old eating pattern and so losing weight at a slower rate.
Stop being hard on yourself and keep consuming the water regularly, it keeps that hand to mouth function moving too.
I wish you well Suki.
Hi, thanks for your replies.

Lorraine, thanks for your encouragement, it sounds like you are doing really well, keep up the good work.

Sarah, whilst CD 790 sounds quite tempting, I think I need to take food out of the equation completely. I live on my own so it should be easy for me as I don't have to see others eat and my fridge is empty apart from gallons of water. I know if I was allowed some food, I'd cheat and throw in a glass or two of wine and some bread etc! That is how I've managed to put back on 4 stone since I finished LL last tear (stupid, stupid me :mad: ). I think once I get over the first few days, get into ketosis and see the weight start to drop that I will be ok. It just seems to be getting over those first few days which is my stumbling block. Good luck with CD 790.

Mini, I had aread of the thread you suggested. It's quite funny because although I did well over 100 days on LL, we didn't talk about any of that stuff. My LLC wasn't the best. Although a very nice lady, she didn't really follow the CBT approach of LL. I still have my books though, so I'll probably dig them out and blow off the dust to see if that helps.

Wez, thanks for your thoughts. Maybe I'm not such a failure after all.

In fact today has gone well. I've stuck to it 100%, and drunk loads of water. I see my CDC tomorrow (it's supposed to be my first weigh in), so I'll have some explaining to do.

Thanks again for all your replies. good luck to you all in your weight loss journeys.
Hopefully day 2 will also be a success! I'll post here to let you know :)
I'll tell ya how I got back to SS this time. I lived online - hour after hour, posting, reading, drinking water, soaking in other people doing it.

Sad, but constantly reminding myself that I can, that others are, that there are other people sharing with me was the thing that got me through.

We're with ya Suki :)
Thanks DQ
It's funny you say that. It's what I've been doing most of the day. Reading this forum mostly and getting inspiration from the great bunch of people here. And for today, it has worked. I'm off now for an early night with Robbie Williams (I'm reading his biography - but a girl can dream), before I get any food cravings!
Good on ya!! :cool: I'm off to bed too - don't want to be attacked by food when I'm tired, so off to bed with a book! :D Let me know if the biography is any good ;)
Just a quick update. I have finally got past day one :D

Today is day 3 and things are going well. I have a little pink square on my ketostix, so I should be burning blubber now!
I do still feel hungry and I have a bit of a headache, but I can cope with that. so, here's hoping that things are now on the up and weight will be going down.
Thanks for all your support :p
Hi Suki

I know that I do this myself when Im trying to get started and it takes me every ounce of energy to actually get into it!! The important thing is though that your still determined to do it, even though you feel discouraged.

I have realised that the reason I do it is a fear of failure. If I deliberately make the wrong choices then thats better than trying so hard and failing. For me its kind of like the person who sits exams and dosent revise because they want to be able to say when they fail them that they didnt do any revision to save face.

I dont know if this is any help to you but I hope it is. I and probably everyone in here has spent most of their lives telling themselves that they are fat. I have started to tell myself Im slim cause thats my new identity and Im getting ready for it! Why dont you do the same. Hang a dress that you want to get into on your wardrobe door and everytime you think of giveing up just have a look at it!!