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Struggling to restart - Food Diary Time!

Hello all you lovely people :D

I hope I'm posting this in the right place :) So to start, a little bit of info -

At Christmas last year, I was 20 years old...and verging on 20 stone! So, after lots of deliberating (and many years experience of every diet under the sun!) I decided 2010 was going to be my FINAL WEIGHT LOSS YEAR! Why? Because... this Christmas I will be 21 :D and that's meant to be a special age, right? So, I would quite like to be slim for it!

So January 2010, I started the year at 275lbs. In February, I had a gastric band fitted and for me it has been the best choice I've ever made - until now. Which is where this little post comes in.

I have got lazy :( and stupid. I am now.. 224lbs!! Yay, I am obviously super pleased with 51lbs loss but I just feel that had I tried harder like I did at the start, it would be quite a bit more. I still have 70lbs to go :'(

Things I am failing to do -

1) Eat 3 healthy meals a day! - I've been eating one crappy one if that :(
2) Take my medication properly!
3) Go to the gym and swimming - I was going everyday.. now I'm lucky if I go once a week!!

So today is my "I Mean It This Time" day! I'm going to start keeping a food diary, exercise diary and just... try harder :) So here goes!

If any of you amazing people can see anywhere I could improve on what I am doing.. or just any general help.. I would be stoked :D
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WEEK 1 - 30/09/10 - 06/10/10 - 228lbs/0lbs


B - Wooden spoonful of porridge oats made up with water and a tsp of sugar. Meds.
L - Half a beef and tomato pot noodle.
D - Half a handful of popcorn chicken and a couple of forkfuls of chips.
Snacks - Can of coke

B - Faggots & Mushy Peas
L - N/A
D - Birdseye Chicken Korma (minus the rice) naan and 2 pakora things.
Snacks - 3 Rice Crackers

B - Spoonful of porridge made up with water and a tsp of sugar. Meds
L - N/A
D - McDonalds
Snacks - Coke

B - Can't remember :(
L -
D -

B - Porridge spoonful
L - Faggots and Peas
D - Faggots and Peas

B - Beans/Half a sausage/Black pudding slice
L - Inside of an M Burger
D - Lobster/Prawn/Crayfish + pasta
Snacks - Cheese/Bacon wrap

B - Porridge
L -
D -
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Yay thanks! Wow...120lbs?? How did you do that? That's amazing! :D Aw I love how motivational it is seeing just how well everyone else has done so far :)
Well my week is going...bleh...already! I can't wait till I'm back at uni... time to get me some routine again!! :D

I pay for it, and don't go! How daft huh? I was thinking of cancelling it till I was less busy but, knowing me, I would never rejoin :p So by keeping it going I'm hoping it will guilt me into going back! It's only the first day I find hard - after that, days 2, 3, 4 etc are easy because I've got the energy and motivation back!

My problem is, I never really know what to do :S so here's my typical gym time -

30mins - Bike - about 10km
3 sets of 15 reps on the following -
- inner/outter thigh thing
- biceps/bingowing thing
- core abdominals/sit up thing
- chest
20mins - bike/row - about 7km

Swim - 30 to 60 lengths depending on how far into a routine I am. (the more I go, the more I can do :))

I can't use the treadmill because of leg problems and don't really know what else to add or change to this ^^^ any suggestions?
WEEK 2 - 07/09/10 - 13/10/10 - 224lbs/4lbs

Thursday/Friday - Can't remember

B - Ryvita and LF cheese spread
L - Steak and kidney pie, chips and peas (kids meal)
D - Half a pot noodle, LF yoghurt, biscuit

B - Orange juice
L - Half a LF blackbean curry + rice ready meal
D -

B -
L - splendips
D - Battered fish, something i can't remember

B - Philadelphia splendips
L - Egg+Cress sandwich minus crusts
D - Few forkfuls of deli salad, chocolate twist, 2 chicken balls, few chips

B - Granola
L - 1 1/2 pieces of breadcrumbed chicken
D - 2 chicken balls, forkful of rice, 5 chips
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WEEK 3 - 14/10/10 - 20/10/10 - 224lbs/4lbs

B - Wooden spoon of oats with water and tsp of sugar (M)
L - Jacket potato with cheese and beans
D - Faggots and peas

B - Mashed potato pot (M)
L - Feta salad and 2 cream crackers (M)
D - Pie, Mash and Liquor

B - Slice of toast with Jam (M)
L - Leek and Potato soup / alpro yoghurt (M)
D - Frankfurter and spaghetti hoops

B - Slice of toast w/ butter
L - Sunday dinner (childs portion)
D - Faggots and peas

B - Slice of toast w/ butter (M)
L - Faggots, Chips and Peas (half portion)
D - Burger, cheese slice, onions, jelly crisps

B - Slice of toast w/ butter (M)
L -
D -

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You can do it, I spent most my 20's overweight.... I turn 29 in December and I really missed out on a lot of stuff... I did do a lot as well but I have to admit looking back I missed out on things because I felt uncomfortable with my weight, dont let it be the same for you hun :) Life is way too short.
I don't think there's much I have really not done due to weight, but I've gotta admit... of all the things I DID do...The feeling of "I'm huge, people are staring, this is uncomfortable" has definitely overridden any feelings of enjoyment. I always remember the embarrassment first, fun later =/

This last month and a bit, I just don't know what's been going on with me. I've not lost any weight AT ALL, I've eaten crap...all the time!... And gym? Forget it. I don't understand why this has happened, I've lost motivation I guess.. I'm now a size 16ish... and as such, I can now finally buy clothes pretty much anywhere, so maybe my fat-head thinks that's enough. I can dress like a 'normal' person, so why do I need to WEIGH like a 'normal' person - when I can semi-fake it?

Obviously, I KNOW that's wrong... and my heart and slim-head want to be 'healthy' and ideally a size 10/12 (mostly because I want to own just ONE item of clothing from TopShop!) I guess fat-head is lazy, and...has been here far longer than slim-head so is taking more effort to evict from my brain space than I anticipated.

I did however...go to the gym yesterday! This achievement is huge atm, as I haven't been for almost 3 months :D the first day is always the hardest, continuing to go is what I find easier :) so next gym day is Friday!!

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