Struggling with sooo much water

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  1. bumpybean88

    bumpybean88 Full Member

    Cambridge Die
    Hi, I am now on week 4 and I am really struggling with drinking the 4 litres.I have been really busy with it being half term and with the kids being home,at the end of the day I realise that I have only drunk 1-2 litres.Last week I was lucky enough to lose 5lb with only drinking the 1-2 litres, I feel ok in myself, my main worry is that Im failing.:cry:
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  3. Samantha

    Samantha Full Member

    Did you get the flavours to add to the water? I know they are an added expense but it does help the water go down easier.
  4. hippoellie

    hippoellie CDC

    You are NOT failing if you you don't make the 4 litres, but do try to get as close as possible. It does seem to help the wieght loss, plus your body actually does need that water-remember a lot of it is what you would have had anyway contained within food.

    Try the water flavourings, and try non-caffeine tea too- I know the 4 litres is supposed to be in addition to tea and coffee, but I drink about 6 more mugs of tea a day than I did before- white tea which is low caffeine or green tea very low caffeine- its basically flavoured hot water.

    Also set yourself targets for the day that space the water out perhaps use a half litre bottle and aim for one of those per hour.

    But above all, if you fall short don't beat yourself up!!
  5. hippoellie

    hippoellie CDC

    PS Bumpybean- look at your losses you flamin nutter- how can you feel you are failing!! You have lost loads more than I did at the same stage- you are SUCCEEDING big time!
  6. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    I find it easier to drink out of a litre bottle. Although if I'm a bit low, I start on the 500mls bottles as this seems to go down in one!
    I've discovered sparkling water and the water flavours this week - really good!
    Some people swear by drinking it from a really lovely glass!
    Or, how about targeting a few hours when you know that you can easily get to the loo and just going for it. I've found this really helps
  7. tenney73

    tenney73 Full Member

    lighter life. In the past have tried everything from weightwatchers to rosemary conley
    I never thought I would be able to drink so much water but now I am drinking about 6 lires a day. I use the flavourings sparingly(cos of expense) and usually as a treat to me on a night but during the day I have just got into the pattern of drinking a bottle an hour and feel abit empty when I don't get it. Although it is a struggle when you are out and about and don't always get access to water or a nearby loo!
    But it's great that you are losing alot with drinking the minimum water, that in itself would spur me on.
  8. bumpybean88

    bumpybean88 Full Member

    Cambridge Die
    Thanks everyone for replying, Im going to try some of your tips and hopefully it will get easier, I do have the water flavouring, fruits of the forest and add only a small amount as it can quite strong.I dont want to end up fainting, from not having enough water:eek:
  9. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Bumpy just try and keep a bottle with you at all times - you'll find that it does go down then a lot quicker than you might think.

  10. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I use a 500ml bottle and just top it up each time its empty. I find I can drink it in one go, and its not too much effort.

    I must be honest , I do miss the water when I dont have enough. I get headaches mainly, which are not fun at all!

    Keep trying, it really is worth it!
  11. Incywincy

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    I also struggle with the water, although it is easier now with the water flavourings, however I had a bad weekend and barely drunk at all, and since then, I have lost barely anything at all. So I have to really push the amount of water that is taken to try and do my 4 litres and more.

    On a normal day I put my 2 x 2litre bottles on the side in work and methodically drink it and take the remainder home with me. If I had to rely on tap water, I would lose count.
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