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Ok, so I'm only slighlty further into the day than when I last posted but I really want to eat! My head hurts, I feel tired and someone has just bought a load of a particular type of biscuit in that I love and I'm so hungry!

Please tell me it gets easier?! defo couldn't cope with 14weeks of this :-(

x x
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Stick with it, the first couple of days are the hardest! Keep remembering why you are doing this! Also remember how hungry you have felt in the past on a conventional diet - it will get easier!

I am on day 17 and can't beleive it has passed so quick and am now in a routine.

Keep going x


Gotta Make A Change
Day 1-3 are difficult after it's a breeze trust me
Hi Hayleyw

Welcome to the forum!
I promise it gets easier, I found the first week quite hard, feeling tired etc however I am now bursting with energy and NEVER feel hungry!
I even went to Blackpool at the weekend with my children and sat and watched them eat their meals - I still feel awkward though - apparently this gets easier with time, but I was really proud of myself and my OH was very supportive of how strong I had been!

You will do fantastic as long as you stick to it and a big part of the weight loss is helped if you drinnk plenty of water also.

Milli xx
Don't give in!
3, maybe 4 days MAX of feelinga bit rough, then Ketosis really kicks in and you feel great! But you have to go through the groggy bit first sadly.

Remember this; if you do give in and eat something, then all you are really doing is adding another day to your initial "groggy" days! Find something to distract yourself - you'd be suprised how quickly your "head hunger" will vanish once you make yourself busy with something :)
Hi Hayley,

I suffered with really bad headaches the first few days, and was really hungry. But, I believed what people on here said about it getting easier, and they didn't lie!

I am now on day 23 and am finding it very do-able...not only because I don't feel hungry, but because I know it will be worth it and I will have lost at least 3 stone in a few weeks.

If your work colleagues know about your diet, ask them to be more respectful with food around you, or try to remove yourself from the situation.

Personally, I have found that I am loving cooking for others now, and I am really aware of what is going in their mouths. It's a great learning process.

It WILL get easier...and I'm still only a teensy bit ahead of you, so don't get discouraged until you have at least given it a good go! You have more strength than you think! I do! :)
Thanks ladybee - I have very nearly survived the day in work so I know I can do it! we'll get there! x x


Playing the Angel
Hayley, good luck hun, first few days are always a bit miserable, but it gets so much easier when ketosis kicks in. It is worth it to just stay the course and distract yourself with treats of a non food variety for the first few days. Try a walk, chat to a friend, nice hot bubble bath, paint your nails, snuggle in bed with a good book. Anything, just don't give in to the temptation because it will only get harder if you do.

it's true - the first days are really bad but then it all gets better! I'm on week three now - and have lost just under 2st already. I would never have thought that was possible before - the most i have ever lost on a diet is about a stone. Remember why you're doing it and take each day at a time. It really hits you hard at first but when you get into ketosis the headaches and cravings go away a lot. Keep in there!


Gotta Make A Change
Hope your doing good Hayley
today is going much better thanks. Definitely don't feel as hungry and haven't got a headache anymore, still feel quite tired and lethargic but it's getting easier! Just need to make it through the weekend now x:jelous:
Its great to hear you are feeling better Hayley, the trick for weekend is keep busy!!

Milli x
You can do it Hayley! You are nearly through the worst bit, give yourself another couple of days and you will be there. Then you've got your first weigh in to look forward to, it's normally a good one!

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