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Hi, I have been doing SW for almost a year and have only lost 2 stone, I have struggled the whole way, have had deep disappointments and frustrations. I normally would have left, but (for a change) decided to keep going. I am only half way to my target, you have done fantastically well!!!!

I have heard a lot on here and at my class saying the final part of their weight loss journey is the hardest, those last few pounds can be hard to shift. Upping body magic seems to be a good choice and continue to keep a food diary just to keep yourself right. I would also ask for advice from consultant/class and see if they can offer further support. I wish you luck for those last few pounds and remember what you have achieved!!!!!


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Hi, i know this feeling all to well. I have been doing SW for almost a year now and i have just got my 2.5st award.
I was hoping to be alot further in my journey by now as i still have a good 3st left to lose. I have been up and down on the scales and every time i get 1lb off my next award i will then yoyo all over the place then taking me nearly 4 or so week to actually achive my certificate.

Reciently and i don't know what it is but i feel like i have my mojo back i went back to basics and remembered why i wanted this so bad in the first place.
We all have a journy to take and sometimes life gets in the way but sometime you need to refocus on why you really want this and the losses will come. You have done amazing to get where you are right now and never forget how far you have come.

Well dont ladies keep up the hard work. :D xx


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What is the reason for the gains? Have you been off plan?

When I fall off the wagon what I normally do is try to focus on one day at a time. In the morning I promise myself to stay on plan for one day. I mean what kind of a numpty can't stick to plan just for 1 day? (This is what i tell myself anyway). Then I try to do another day. Then 3. Then hopefully I manage a week, get a loss and remember why I'm doing it!

Some other ideas that might help and to look at before and after pictures ( yours and other peoples) for inspiration, and I agree with others get that exercise up (I hate the stupid term body magic), and go back to tracking.

My final piece of advice if none of that works is to look at another plan..

I was like you. I got to 7lb away from target last year as I wanted to lose it to do the Inca trail. After I'd done the trail in May 18 I maintained within a few pounds for 6 months or so, then this year I sneaked on a couple more so I was basically about a stone above target. Then I went on a cruise a few weeks ago and ended up about a stone and a half over target ( although still a stone and a half lighter than my heaviest).
Anyway, I just haven't been able to get into SW since Peru. I just think I got Slimming Worlded out / bored bored bored and I'm now doing something called Team RH which I'm really enjoying for a change of scenery. The losses are designed to be slower which is frustrating but it's very sustainable because of that. (It's basically calorie counting combined with exercise, but they give you more calories than most calorie based plans and make you eat them ) . Anyway, I think it's ideal for someone who only has a small amount to lose and might be worth a look and the change might help you to refocus.


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I know how hard the last few lbs can be, and it's even more upsetting when you know it's nothing you're doing wrong. The only thing I have been doing is trying my best to stay focused. Change my meals all the time, not having the same breakfasts etc. Keeping my fluid up, and altering my fitness regime week on week. It's a battle, but my weight hasn't moved much in the last few months, but occasionally it does.