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hi everyone,
how are you all doin?
i've been struggling the past few days, don't know whats wrong with me,:( all i seem to think about is food!!!
i'm not hungry, it's weird.
am i alone in this feeling or does everyone go through it?
i was very tempted last night but i didn't give in, only gotta wait till mon for weigh in!!
thanks for listening
sandie x
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hang on in there hun when Mon comes and you see how much you have lost it will give you the motivation and make it all worth while, good luck with WI x


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I have gone through phases of it over the weeks. Usually a few days at a time but it does pass so hang in there. I usually found the weigh ins made me forget about the cravings and just spurred me on. But you are doing great so keep going!


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Hi Sebs,

I still have good and bad days.Mostly good I must admit :). This forum,weigh in days and willpower gets me through. It is amazing how many adverts on the TV are food related. Think of how good you will feel when you reach your goal.I wish you well.
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Says it as it is!!!
Hi hun,
I have loadsa days like that, its all mind games....FOOD IS EVIL.....DON'T LET IT WIN!!!! X
Sebs, hang on in there. You're doing so so well and you should be very proud!

I really hope that the food monster gets out of your head, and don't be tempted by anything!

Good luck x x x x

It is amazing how many adverts on the TV are food related.

You know, thats funny I was thinking to myself the other day... 'Give me a break please, I do not want to see yummy food that I can't eat right now'

Stay strong it will all be worth it in the end, try doing some thing to take your mind of it hun , take care deb x


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Keep at it....i have days where i think i never want 'normal' food again, then there are other times where i could eat everything in the house. Once you start seeing that weight drop off, its such an incentive. Good Luck



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Stay strong Sandie it will be worth in the end, i have to go upstairs when my kids are eating just so i dont pinch it, we can all do together and look fab by the time summer gets here!! xx
We all feel it, you are SO not alone with this
I am the same at the moment because its weekend & Last night I totally let myself down so I feel poo today :-(
It was Friday night & in my head Friday is take away & I wasnt even hungry but I still gave in & didnt even enjoy it but still ate it.
The only thing I can say is I WISH I HADNT & it didnt taste anything like I expected it to & was so not worth it.
You hang on in there & just take each day as it comes & be so proud of yourself right now for posting on here & not giving in
GOOD LUCK hun :)
:girlpower: stay strong. it will pass


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i was thinking about there being so many food adverts on tv too- i think because we are all dieting its more obvious to us! i hate the kfc adverts or macdonalds grrr evil!
hang on in there luvvie and u will get through it! we all have hard days- a my post says i have felt like eatin choccy all day!
but she couldnt eat the choccy cos she was full from eating all the toffee!


Says it as it is!!!
lmfao hahaha - Gazza ... you have such a tenderness with words...thats why we love ya!!
Hey Sandie I Am Feeling Exactly The Same Am Really Struggling Today And This Is My First Time In Almost 2 Weks Where I Could Almost Cry I Feel That ***** And All I Want Is To Eat...but Not Crap But Stuff Like Apples And Grapes??? Bizarre As Its Totm And Ud Think I Would Crave Choc But Im Not Which Is A Good Thing.....
Im Tryin To Do Other Stuff And Read Through Here To Keep My Mind Off It But Its Not Working Well....am On Verge Of Tears Xxx


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thanks guys, you really do help ya
feelin alot better today, went to a party last night and didn't eat and just drank water!!!
am so proud of myself, just kept tellin myself i'd regret it if i gave in, in the end it wasn't that bad.
WI tomorrow!!
thanks again guys you're the best xxx:thankyou:
Hi Sebs, I do struggle some days but it depends what I'm doing! We all went shopping yesterday and I found it really difficult walking past all the cafes and restaurants and went home feeling miserable and that I was missing out. However, I keep reminding myself that the long-term benefits will FAR outweigh a short-term fix...so keep it up xx
I have up and down days but I feel tempted most by things like strawberries, cherry tomatoes and red pepper!!! I don't know why!

I just tell myself that when I get to goal I can eat them. The stronger I am now the sooner I'll get there!

Hang in there.


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