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Hi guys
I went to V festival and came off the diet, then the following weekend I went to Reading festival and came off the diet... Then this weekend I am going away with my boyfriend and we are also going away the following weekend and I just don't know what to do!

I am getting weighed by my CDC next on 13th Sep and she gave me a mini goal to get to by then that I could have easily have achieved but I just cannot get back on track this week at all and then I have a 3 course meal booked for my anniversary with my boyfriend this weekend (I promised him I would come off the diet for our anniv) So I am trying to get back into ketosis, knowing that I am going to come straight back out of ketosis again!! Also, I have other weekends planned - think I will have to try SS+ when I am eating out on the other weekends....

I start SS every morning and then by lunchtime I can't take the hunger and headaches anymore!

Is there a challenge going on at the moment that I could perhaps join to keep myself motivated?? I know I have to concentrate on the bigger picture!!
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Come on hun, you can do it , take it one day at a time. write down what and when you are gonna have your shakes and split them so you can have something every couple of hours, good luck hun.xx
It really is a matter of having mind and willpower - fair enough come off the diet for your anniversary but your going to have to be careful because eating when in ketosis can make you feel quite sick and then theres the alcohol issue too!

If you really want to lose your weight babe, your really going to have to step up, by day 2 at the earliest you could be in ketosis and then the headaches will stop and you will feel loads better!


almost skinny
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the big problem is, there are so many reasons to eat. Every week there are parties, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries... Maybe you could put some plans on hold (for say, a month) and focus yourself on CD-ing? Or the other way around, set a date that you'll get back on the CD-horse.
It's a shame of all your effort (and the costs) if you hop on and off, because you wont get in ketosis properly.

I enjoyed all the summerparties, festival and barbeques. But as a result my social life is non existent at the moment (except for some birthdays and a pubquiz this weekend - on water :p).

We'll have to be strong for a while and lead the live of a recluse, but after this we can make plans and attend every party as slimmer, fitter women!:party0049:
After reading all of your advice I think I am going to do the 1000 plan until after my anniversary and then next week just SS from then onwards with the odd SS+ day when I have to go out to dinner for social reasons!!

Fingers crossed I will be able to stick to it! I lost so much weight on LL and then moved over to CD to loose the last little bit and it is proving harder than I thought as I am not massive, massive anymore and therefore my motivation is not what it used to be!!
Thanks for your support and advice guys!
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sticK with it if and when you can hope it works out ok x
I think thats a great idea, gradually wean yourself off the carbs and when you hit the SS plan youl be ready for that step, and then when you feel you have done a lot you can move upwards again xxxx


almost skinny
S: 11st10lb C: 10st1lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 22.8 Loss: 1st9lb(14.02%)
i think that's a good idea. Good luck and... happy anniversary!

(we'll celebrate our anniversary next week with a festive cappuchinoshake I think ;))


getting slimmer
i went to a festiavl too at the weekend ( a smaller one aeon) and came off.
got back mon and still not back on track so i can completely understand how you feel.
its so annoying that before i was SO focused and now, after nearly a week, i cant do it any more.
although determined this time (said that before) so fingers crossed for us both!

know what you mean about not being massive any more too, i;m now asize 12 (wanna be 8) so its making it so much harder.
really dont wanna go back to a 16 though!!
and if i keep eating and drinking like i did at the fest then i will!! x

cheers!! (with a glass of water!) good luck!! x
Missmf - sounds like we are in the same boat! Because I am going away this weekend, I am just going to try and be as good as I can until Tuesday. Then I really have to get back on it on Tuesday!! I will only have a week and a half from then to my weigh in when my CDC gave me a mini goal to reach!! Let me know how you are getting on Missmf and I will let you know how I am getting on from next Tuesday onwards....

Good Luck :)

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