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Awww...don't beat yourself up about it hun. What's done is done, put it behind you and move forward. Remember why you're doing it and what you're hoping to achieve.

Go to your WI tomorrow and use that as your springboard to keep going.

I'm only on day 3 myself and not doing too bad so far. I've found that doing it with my sister and reading through all of the posts on this forum is really helping!

Go and have a look at the Inspiration Slideshow (link above), it really spurs you on looking at everyone's before and after pics. Read through the forums and that will help too.

Oh and keep coming back, like i intend to!

Good luck with your WI. Stay positive and you'll do it...along with the rest of us. Let us know how you get on. :)



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Hiya as bing as said dont let it worry ya. Learn from it and move forward to the next day. We all have our blips and I did as well especially in the first week I did break it but then I got some good talking to from close bunch of people on here and decided that I really need to get myself in gear and move on from it. Thankfully I havent touched anything since but I have found it hard to get back into the way of thinking again. I think my main inspiration was hearing from people who were in the boat as myself and listening to their ups and downs which made me want to be just like them. On a diet like this ya have to be extremley focused and we are with ya all the way just log on here when are feeling low and need food, dont worry we will talk ya out of it. I wish ya well tomorrow on your wi, fingers are crossed for ya!! All the best


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As said above hun put it behind you...having that blip is not the end of the world,it just makes you human!!! good luck with WI tomorrow,hopefully result will spur you on to keep does get easier,just try to stay focused...take care!!! Caz xx


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hi brown76 put it behind you and refocus on why you started on the LT journey take 1 day at a time when you get past the first 7 days and your in ketosis it does get easier I promise
all the best


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Am so happy and shocked but sooo determined. Thanks for all kind words really appreciate it.


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That's a fantastic loss Browne !! Next week will be far easier with that great loss under your belt. :D:D


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Absolutely fantastic! Now roll your sleeves up and get another FULL WEEK under your belt with no bread rolls, no sausages.... you don't NEED them! You need to buckle down, take a day at a time and get yourself into ketosis. You will forget all about food and hunger and cravings, get on with it because the sooner you do, the sooner you will be at your goal weight and the sooner you can refeed and resume normal healthy eating.

Well done and good luck