Stuck at about 183, and wanting to stress eat


I seem to be stuck at about 182lbs or so.

I don't think it helps that I am wanting to do a lot of stress eating at the moment :S

I'm having a tough time resisting the urge to stress eat.
after having eaten a couple of days ago, feeling bloated fat and horrible.. i'd advise not to! ((hugs))

IF you really feel like eating.. why not cut up a bar stick it in the freezer for a bit then have a nibble on a few pieces? better than eating real food! ;)

You have done so well, and the weight will shift soon even if you feel you are 'stuck'. ;) hold on tight and it'll be worth it!
I got stuck at the exact same point and I think it was because of TOTM - I sort of stalled for a while and then a week later it all started to shift again much faster.
hang in there!
Don't do it!! You will feel terrible afterwards - you haven't got long to go now and it's so worth it!!

We all get these phases and they really do pass!! Promise!

Just imagine how you will feel if you do eat.... Is it worth it?