sucess express has vanished!


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SE will not be in the new books or referrenced to on the websites. It will be used as a consultant tool only.
Apparently it's not needed, with EE they will tell you to increase the balance of superfree foods.


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Just realised that wasn't helpful was it.....

For SE, you have 3 meals a day. Each meal must be 2/3rds superfree and 1/3 red or green or both.

You only eat superfree between meals and for starters/desserts.

You have 2 A's and 2 B's from red or green lists - these can be taken with meals or as a snack

You have 15 syns

That's it!!!


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I am sure our consultant said that after christmas there was going to be new books, and the sucess express was being discontinued and the main plan will be EE not red or green,


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I picked up the new book today. Mix and match and express have gone. They are really going for extra easy. I am just glad not much else has changed. Peeps was talking about alot of free food not being free anymore.


oh no!! doesn't sound good if they are pushing EE, it really doesnt agree with me!

I dont understand how free foods can just stop being free either!


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Some foods stop being free because recipes change and manufacturers add things that have syns!

SW also seem to be trying to crack down on so-called food abuse - i.e. not using food as it was originally intended, and so therefore eating a lot more of a specific food than a 'normal' diet would do. Polenta is one that I noted when I had a look through the new books.

There seems to be a lot of scaremongering going on at the moment and rumours flying around from people who haven't actually seen the new books. Our consultant let us have a look a few weeks ago - most of what I heard before then was rubbish!
oh no!! doesn't sound good if they are pushing EE, it really doesnt agree with me!

If you don't want to do EE, then you don't have to. EE, Green and Original are all in the new book. The consultant will explain them all to new members, and existing members can just go on doing what they were doing before, and ignore EE completely if that's what they want.


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SE express has Vanished !

:D Well I am not going back to class after the new year, partly becausse our consultant changed and the atmosphere etc in class changed and partly because I don't really get on with EE even though you keep being told that everyone can get on with it etc etc. And the fact that free foods become unfree foods etc etc. I am going to do the plan myself with what I know etc etc - have lost 2 stone already so know that what I was doing and how I was doing it works.

The consultnat told me that EE was being pushed as the new thing because of the fabulous results that they had had in the states, well I am not in the states so don't really care aas to their results I am concerned about MY RESULTS.

Rant over - I liked SE like I like the red/green plans so I am one person that will be continuing in this vein.

The only thing to remember with SE is that any syn values have to be taken as the higher value !


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You don't have to do EE hun, red and green are still available it's just EE will be pushed as the main plan.
The results have been great in the UK, not just the states. It's each to their own and no consultant should stop you doing red or green.
Good luck continuing on you own, I couldn't do it!


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Have you thought about changing group? I regularly go to three different groups all over the country depending on where I'm working and have noticed a common trend. EE is mentioned more to new members in their joining talk as it's the simplest and most effective plan SW can offer - this is based on losses both in the UK and elsewhere. However, green and red are still discussed, especially for those who either don't really like veg(!) or are vegetarians. This change does not affect existing members! My consultants all know that if something's working for you, keep at it - there's no forcing people to move onto EE if green and red is still working, and for some EE doesn't work.

I think your group and consultant is the problem - EE does not seem to be pushed as much as you say in other groups, so changing might be a good option.

Red and green is still definitely offered to existing members and they are still supported while doing these plans. SE and M2M have been removed from the packs, but to be honest, 5 plans is a bit much for any group. M2M is very similar to EE, so I can see why that one's gone.

I've recently done a couple of weeks of SE but it's certainly not the easiest one to do and it was never intended to be a 'full-time' plan. I think it's good that it's still offered as a consultant tool, as it's a lot more pleasant than Fast Forward, but perhaps more effective over short periods than the standard plans.

What free foods do you have a problem with changing their syn value? Most consultants will agree that if something changes, if you continue with that food and see no reductions in your losses, then that's fine (even though it's not strictly following the plan).

I hope you manage on your own - I appreciate that you've managed to lose weight on SW already, but it seems that that was with attending a group. There's plenty of people who'll testify that going it alone hasn't worked for them, and weight has gone back on instead of off!

Apologies for the long post - sometimes I think a small number of consultants give SW as a whole a bad name.
Well said, Paperclip. That's very sensible advice.

I am not sure why some people think that EE is somehow going to be compulsory. The red and green plans are still there in the new book, and are included in the new members talk.

You don't have to have a new book, don't even have to look at it if you don't want to!