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Suddenly Struggling


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Mmm, weekends are hard. My advice would be to have a hot drink, tea or coffee and then drink a big glass of water.

See how you feel after. If you think you might crack, have another shake, but only if it's the difference between that and cracking.

Head cravings don't always last too long. Don't cave my dear - you've done so, so well.

Maybe try to distract yourself. I've been known to go to bed at 7 in the past if I'm really struggling. Do you like reading? Can you tuck up in bed and read a good book or magazine? Keep thinking about weighing yourself in the morning :) xxx


This is the last time!!
Hey there
I am having that kind of day too, and it's breaking me a bit! Am determined to do this but really struggled A LOT today and I am snappy and peed off because of it. Hubby suggested he'd prefer a 'rounder, happier' me than a smaller, grumpier one.

Plod on with it, you'll only be furious with yourself if you don't. Take a bath, read a book, write some old friends or family a 'real' letter or even just write down all of the reasons why you are doing this.

Be strong xxx


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Hey Ellie, I know how you feel. Can you do something to distract yourself, have a bath or watch a film? If you really need to eat something have an extra half a shake and see how you are with that, but if you can put that off for half an hour or an hour and see how you feel then perhaps the craving will go.

This is the toughest part of the diet, but you can do it - you have done really well over the past 5 weeks - you just need to get this evening out of the way.

Hope the feeling passes soon x


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Hey Ellie,
Hang in there hon, you are doing so well... your not bringing anyone down we all have days that are harder than others and we are all here to support one another through these difficult times as well as sharing the good losses and achievements.
Try and keep yourself busy have a nice relaxing bath perhaps go for a walk its a lovely evening, read a mag, a book anything to take your mind of food.. You can do it you can do it............ Your doing great. hang out here and we will help you through it .
Big hugs hon...... it can be tough sometimes but boy its so worth it!! x


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You are all so lovely, thank you. I have tears in my eyes now...! I think going to bed with a magazine is the only answer, after a nice shower.
I promise I won't be such a whingebag tomorrow xx


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The woman over the road just got pizza delivered. And she is DEAD skinny!! Cow!! That's it, am shutting the blinds and getting under my duvet! Lol! xx


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Aww hun, everyone has bad days. Just try and keep busy, drink as much as you can and get an early night. Hang on in there xxx
What would you say to us if the roles were reversed?

Try a cup of coffee? This might fill you a bit? Or just go to bed and have a good read? Hope you don't give into temptation as you are doing so well! Good luck!
I won't give in, I promise! There is no food in my fridge or cupboards to cheat with!
I know I would massively regret eating and I also know that if I started I wouldn't be able to stop...
So, I will stay strong and pray that those scales say 12 stone something on Tuesday! xx
Good for you! And good luck for Tuesday! 3 more sleeps and you're there! xx;):sigh:
Thanks EVERYONE! I went to bed and have got up this morning feeling great! And my scales (although not as accurate as CDC's) say 12 stone 13!!!! Woo hoo!! x
I know you'll hate me saying this but I don't get to say it very often...Told you so!;);):p
I don't mind you saying it at all honey!! You were right! Lol!! xx:D
Thanks! You too! Go and soak up some of this fabulous sunshine! xx
Not a chance I'm about to kill my DD because she keeps trying to tell me she's cleaned her room but every time I look it's still the same pig sty it was yesterday afternoon! Why bother lying when it's so obvious???:mad:
Sorry I'm ranting! lol.

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