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sugar blowout

:cry:well i have done it again - big sugar binge. stocked up on dieters faves - pink n whites and meringues and was really eating healthily this morning:clap:however, spent today bingeing on them. why???? this is sabotage:break_diet:

seriously, i honestly think that losing weight is beyond my capabilities, i am an addict and have no self control and cannot stay focused. oh says i don't want it enough, maybe thats the case:confused:
but i really feel extremely unhappy about how i look and hate wearing the same sh...t clothes all the time. shall try again tommorrow, but only 4 days to wi and feelin really dissapointed with myself.
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ok so you had a binge! Have you worked out the pp value of what you ate! Can you use any of your 49 weekly points on them and get yourself back in the "green"?
If you want it, don't let one bad day set you back! Don't let yourself go into sabotage mode, stop now and don't spend the next 4 days being a victim! Get back on track and be good.
Good luck


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Don't focus on the negative sweetie ! who cares if you had a blowout ? its nothing that can't be fixed, accept it happened and look forwards. I bet you everyone on here has had a blow out more than once, it happens.

Chin up beauty :)


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i agree that u should point it and carry on as normal. i cannot buy goodies as i eat them all in one go. only buy the things u know u can really ration. if its not there, you wont eat it - SIMPLE AS THAT! i think your oh is being a little insensitive. self-esteem/binging issues are much deeper than whether or not you want to to lose weight enough. go easy on yourself, get back in the saddle, point it and carry on as normal. you havent lost control if u count it xxxx


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I think men come out with that sort of crap because they don't know what to say, i know my OH does. Just ignor him, he has no room to talk unless he's going through what you are

*gets off soap box*
Hi Bookworm . I am a definite sugar addict too and know how hard it is to stop a binge when you start. You did well in having the low calorie stuff around in one sence because you know if it had been mars bars in the press they would have been gobbled just as quick and a lot more damage done.

Try to stop and think of the situation thats making you binge and change it.i.e
Are you bored? . Are you upset ? . Are you tired and need a boost?
If the answer is yes then just get away from the kitchen and start doing something to keep you occupied and the cravings will go.

One day doesnt make a bad week and one minibinge doesnt mean the end of your healthy eating for the week,just get up next morning and start again. You are changing the habits of a lifetime and its not going to happen in a day but it will happen. :D:D

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