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Sugar Free Marshmallows - I FOUND THEM - WOOOO

Yes!....I remember someone saying they got them from Sainsburys (2.5pts for a whole bag I think they said) but my local stores don't do them!!!! I'm gutted!!!!!! I sent my mum to our local one to see if they had any, but they didn't. So I checked online at our local big store and they don't have them either!

:( :( :(


Gonna be skinny!
YUP - i've looked online too and I cant find them!!! Booooo! :(
Annoying isn't it - I really really wanted some too! If anyone does find any, buy the whole lot and post them to me please, lol!!


nearly there!! :)
the tescos fat free ones are 8pts for the whole bag!! there nice ish and ya do want more of them so u would eat the bag ha :)


Gonna be skinny!
Are they really? Is that all - my bf got me some from co-op the other day and they were still 90kcals for 4!


nearly there!! :)
well it gives it for half the pk and that is 4pts so the full one is 8!!! they keep u full though!!


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Sugar free marshmallows have a catastropic effect on your *ahem* tummy, you do know that don't you?

They are long-chain carbohydrates so go straight through you. As a friend of mine used to say 'they melt in the mouth but explode in the pan'.

Eat and enjoy but with extreme caution - more than one or two and ...


Gonna be skinny!
Karen = where do I find such tummy exploders!!!!


nearly there!! :)
ah no i missed out haha i must have gotten good ones... or ive thick insides haha :)


Gonna be skinny!
Thanks hun but seems to be a review and not a link to buy them...bugger boo.


Going From Flab to FAB!
ooooo ive gotta do my food shopping today maybe ill try sainsburys this week ;) .. altho i have a sneaky suspision they will be more expensive than good ole Mr Ts!


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Did someone say before that Tesco do them too? Theres no sainsburys in Dublin!

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